Do you want to spend your vacations in New Zealand reliving the 1960s culture of “Rugby, Racing, and Beer”?

Would you want to take a trip and uncover the mysteries of Easter Island?

Or would you prefer to rent a jet to fly you to tropical beaches for a vacation in Fiji?

Explore Oceania vacation ideas further:

Oceania Destinations


Christmas Island
Cocos Islands
New Zealand
Norfolk Island


Marshall Islands
Northern Mariana Islands
Wake Island



New Caledonia
Papua New Guinea
Solomon Islands


American Samoa
Cook Islands
Easter Island
French Polynesia
Pitcairn Islands
Wallis and Futuna


Spread across a large area, this destination is nothing if not diverse. Choosing a single place to focus your time, that is a true challenge. There are attractions everywhere so be ready to come back another day, and after some time here, that’s exactly what you’ll want to do.

Exploring the Area

The biggest cities are along the coast. History permeates from these large cities. The thriving metropolis mixes history and pageantry. Restaurants, shops and modern hotels continue to appear, along with a hosts art galleries and restaurants.

The rough and rugged outdoors, the rolling hills, adorned with beauty. Take scenic drives along a rocky, ocean coast. The trees, with mixed beauty, explode into reds and oranges when autumn arrives. When the skiers take their place snow-covered mountains appear.

Coastal Adventures

Fill your senses with fresh air, ocean breeze and views beautiful wilderness. It’s a view best admired under a warm blanket with a cup of hot coco. Enjoy it on the front porch or any of the hundreds of inns throughout the area.

Eating and Drinking

Huge plates of pasta, fresh cheese and the noisy tables in a one of the areas famous Italian restaurants. Dig into steaming bowls of soup and platters of fresh fish, shrimp, clams and more at the famous seafood restaurants. Find one of the city’s many micro-brews for an experience to remember, as long as you don’t enjoy too much. Be prepared for loads of fresh fruits, veggies and specialty cheese.
Have you ever wanted to travel to Australia and hang out with kangaroos?