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Stately city of the south and a vibrant, elegant melting pot with its roots in the great Gold Rush of the 1850s... Think Australia and most people usually think Sydney Opera House, Red Centre, Great Barrier Reef. They think kangaroos, deserts and shrimps on the barbie. But these days savvy travelers also think Melbourne, stately city of the south and...

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Rome City
Are you interested in art and culture? Do you enjoy spending time in museums whilst on holiday, grabbing coffees in between visits to different institutions? If this sounds like you, then Rome would be an ideal holiday destination. The city is just one large, open air museum itself, beautiful and stunning throughout. There are some truly breathtaking views to...


Meknès never set out to be an 'imperial city'. But, as chance would have it, the inhabitants of Fès and Marrakech showed little enthusiasm for 17th-century ruler and builder Moulay Ismaïl, and so heturned his attentions towards Meknès. Strategically situated at the heart of Morocco, Meknès became his capital and he embarked on a massive building programme. Meknès is...


Essaouira, 'little picture', is one of those stage set places: you half expect to see plumed cavalry coming round the corner, or a camera crew filming some diva up on the ramparts. It is a beautifully designed 18th-century military port, and somehow hasn't been too much changed since. The walls are white, the windows and shutters are often cracked...
Summary: This brand new title covers Northern France in detail, with breathtaking full-colour photography alongside illuminating texts, bringing the region to life. An in-depth 'Places' section covers the entire region, with all the principal sites cross-referenced by number to accompanying full-colour maps for easy navigation at a glance. Attractive colour-coded sections make the guide extremely easy to use, whether you...



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