Italy was one of my favorite routes for fun-filled days. We did SO much exploring with sailing to smaller islands to swim and roaming the cute Sicilian port towns.

You also get the incredible opportunity to trek an active volcano on Stromboli island. It was actually erupting the day we were supposed to hike it, so we watched the lava explode into the sky from the island of Panarea instead.

Local Culture: 4

Sicily is a special place for both food and culture. The locals are proud to be Sicilian and eager to share their unique culture with you. You’ll still find delicious Italian food here, but a traditional Sicilian meal can’t be missed.

You also get to sail to some spectacular islands, like Panarea, which is frequented by the rich and famous for its gorgeous vistas and beautiful marina.

Sailing Experience: 5

In the famous words of Borat, “wah wah wee wah!” The Italy route brings you to some insanely beautiful locations. We saw dolphins, a smoking volcano and gorgeous islands.

Side note: Ladies, this is also the best route to go topless without people gawking. Many days, you get gorgeous destinations all to yourself! Say buh-bye to tan lines!

Size of Route: 2

Approx. 15-25 boats per route

The Yacht Week Italy is a smaller route which is hard to believe because it is so amazing! It’s the best route for a little bit of luxe, a whole lotta rosé and some incredible sailing.

Extra Costs: 3

There are a couple days on the Italy route with expensive port fees. The market in the marina at Portorosa is extremely limited and expensive so hire a taxi and drive a ways to another nearby market to save some cash.


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