Everyone knows that a trip to New York is very expensive. New York City is known for extravagance and expensive things. But fortunately, there are many attractions to do free to enjoy this amazing city, the Big Apple, that never sleeps.

Here the top of free attractions in NY:

Assist to the Columbus Parade

The Columbus Day is a public holiday celebrated on the second Monday of October In the United States of America in Latin America and in Spain for the arrival date commemoration of the New World in 1492.

In New-York, The Columbus Parade take place since 1915 along the famous Fifth Avenue to the height of the 44th street and go on on the famous big Apple avenue until the height of the 86th Street. There are a brass band, tank, and differents demonstration and party in every area around the parade road.

Assist to a Gospel mass in Harlem

The Gospel masses in NYC are worldwide famous! You have two ways to live this experience: either you go in the Church is best known in Harlem, with the fidels and a lot of tourists (like Abyssinian Baptist Church or the First Corinthian Baptist Church), or you are heading for smaller Churchs equally bewitching, like the Bethel Gospel Assembly, situated at East Village.

Come closer to The Statue of Liberty on the Staten Island ferry

Staten Island ferry leaves from Battery Park in the south of Manhattan to join Staten Island, in the other side New-York bay. Do the way aboard this ferry is an excellent means to admire the Manhattan skyline, the New-York bay and the Statue of Liberty.
A ferry is leaving from Manhattan every thirty minutes. To enjoy the best possible view of the statue of liberty on the way, make sure that you are placed on the right side of the ferry!

The must-see during your trip! This one offers many free demonstrations, statues, symbolics sites like Strawberry Fields, and observation posts! Doing like the real New-Yorkers and put on your running sneakers to go around of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, going to a picnic to Sheep’s Meadow, observe the passers-by in front of the Bethesda Fountain or smell flowers flavor at Conservatory Garden.

Visit New-York Museum free

Most of the big museum of this city organize day or special evening where admission is free.
You could visit for example Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) free every Friday between 16: 00 and 20: 00, The Guggenheim every Saturday from 17: 45 to 19:15. About visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET), you can give what you want. To visit free, get ready to wait in line for a long time!

See a lot of gold at Federal Reserve Bank

Join a guided tour of the federal reserve bank in the Financial District in Manhattan. During the visit, we will tell you everything about her job in economics. You could admire the inside beautiful building on Liberty Street, between Nassau Street and William Street. These guided visits are organized every day.

Go to Governors Island

The ferry serves Governors Island and it is free, just like the Island access of 69 hectares opened to the public since 2003. There is bicycle path of 3,5 kilometers, a picnic ground, military sites like Admiral’s House and finally a ghost town in Nolan Park.

Do the crossing between Manhattan and Brooklyn by foot on the famous Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge join Manhattan to Brooklyn and this is a New-York symbol. He offers a wonderful view of these two cities and on the East River. When you crossed the Bridge, you could enjoy doing another splendid walk: the Brooklyn Heights walk.

Go to the Brooklyn Bridge Park. This park is situated from few minutes of the bridge, descending the Washington Street. You will discover the mind-blowing view on Manhattan, the one of the best place in this city.

Walk like a real New-Yorker at Grand Central Terminal

You can go for a free walk-in Grand Central Terminal. Organized by the Grand Central Partnership, this visit takes you for a walk in the Grand Central district. Let’s go to discover the secret from the Grand Central station’s murmur gallery and admire the Lincoln Memorial Statue. The visits go on around 90 minutes every Friday at 12:30.

Watch a film outdoors at HBO Bryant Park Summer Festival

From June to August, the HBO Bryant Park Summer Festival give you an appointment on Monday evening on the Bryant Park grass to see American cinema masterpiece in an amazing environment! This event is so popular in New-york: you have to come early and to taste a good picnic before the beginning of the film!

Go to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is a 23-hectare Botanical Garden is considered like the first horticultural attraction in the region with more than 10.000 variety of plants!

To go inside free in this haven of peace, present yourself at the entrance every Tuesday and Saturday between 10.00 and 12: 00.

Discover the New-York Aquarium

The biggest New-York Aquarium with walrus, sea lions, characins, and auks opened his doors every Friday afternoon! You can pay what you wish to access at the aquarium. There are 4D Cinema, Aquatic Theater and the corner of the cliffs.

Go up to the Times Square Red Step

Times Square is the most famous attraction! At night, this place is illuminated by huge neon signs, which give it an irresistible and fascinating aspect!

Take a dip in the Pop-up pool at Brooklyn Bridge Park

The Pop-up Pool is an ephemeral pool placed at the Brooklyn Bridge Park from June. This pool can welcome utmost 60 persons. You have to pick up a bangle to access at this pool for 45 minutes. They are distributed hourly between 10:30 and 16:30. You will find a little beach with a limited amount of deckchair, picnic tables, showers, and cubicles.

Make a kayak ride on the Hudson

Can you imagine be doing paddle on the Hudson with the wonderful skyline of Manhattan which puts up in front of you? This is possible free because of the Downtown Boathouse!

This non-profit organization animated by volunteers organizes free kayak trips on the Hudson. Free lessons are organized too during days of the week in summer.

Downtown Boathouse is situated at Pier 40 and Pier 96.


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