Located in Peoples Square of Shanghai, Shanghai Museum is a large museum with ancient arts of Chinese. The exterior of the round dome and the square base of Shanghai Museum demonstrate the wisdom and philosophy of ancient people.

The museum is composed of eleven galleries and three exhibition halls, which include most of the major art categories, such as Ancient Bronze, Paintings, Calligraphy, Ancient Ceramics, Ancient Jade, Ming and Qing Furniture, Minority Nationalities, Coins, Seals, as well as Ancient Sculpture. More than 400 pieces of ancient exquisite bronzes were from Shang and Zhou dynasties, contributing to the understanding of ancient civilization.

Paintings and calligraphy of Chinese are featured with profound traditions and unique national styles. There are a large number of masterpieces from different periods and genres.
Ancient ceramics are precious treasures of Shanghai Museum. There are more than 500 pieces of artworks from different dynasties, for instance, painted and gray pottery in the Neolithic age, primitive celadon from the Shang Dynasty, Zhou Dynasty as well as Warring States, mature celadon in the East Han Dynasty, the famous tri-colored glazed pottery in Tang Dynasty, painted porcelain from the Song, Jin and Liao dynasty, as well as wonderful artworks from Jingdezhen of Jiangxi province the industry center of Yuan, Ming, and Qing dynasties.
Jade in ancient China symbolized both decoration and wealth as well as power. The elegant jades glow through crystal colors and lifelike patterns.
Ancient sculptures of China pay attention to most of Buddhist features. The Ming and Qing dynasties witnessed the heyday of Chinese furniture. The gallery of Ancient Sculptures reveals a refined garden-like residence of that time. Even a simple chair demonstrates Chinese culture and etiquette.

The gallery of Chinese Seals reflects the importance of seals from the Western Zhou to the end of the Qing Dynasty.

As one of the earliest countries to use currency, China owns almost 7,000 pieces of currency. The Gallery of Chinese Coins shows the development of Chinese currency and growth of economic exchange between China and foreign countries.

The culture in China is a result of the melding and collaboration of 56 nationalities. In the past, minority nationalities created their own amazing cultures, from clothes to textiles, metal wares, sculptures, pottery, lacquer as well as bamboo wares. Their exotic types of artworks show us a general picture of creativity and passion to life. It is better to see and enjoy Chinese culture than to hear many times.


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