Australia is famous for its wonderful beaches. With some of the longest extended sand-covered coastline in the world, Australian beaches are amazingly bountiful and charming. Since Australia is surrounded by so many  beaches, I’m bet that you are quite confusing about the tremendous beaches if you are here. Here in this article, we’ve picked out some of the most charming beaches so that you can enjoy a pleasure travel.

Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast
It’s basically situated alongside a main highway but still remains relatively clean and untainted. And for surfing activities, it’s going to be a great spot as vigilant lifeguards are right there to patrol all the swimming sections. In addition, you can also take a day out alone or with family and get a chance to indulge in a 4km stretch of footpath as it’ll offer you spectacular wildlife turkeys, sea eagles and pods of dolphins.

Cable Beach, Broome, Western Australia
The stunning beauty of this beach will enthrall you just like that! Its tender water in an amalgamation of the sunset over there is truly an amazing phenomenon creating bright red-orange ball in the sky. Moreover, forget not to take an exclusive drink and witness unique delight of sunset. And between the months of March to October, you can get the staircase to the moon effect at this beach makes it all the more possible optical illusions on every night.

Byron Bay Beach, Northern New South Wales
It’s clean and peaceful coastline is another contributing factor to indulge there with peace of mind. Some great surf breaks have truly enjoyed over there because of its beautiful location. In addition, if you’d love to take a long walk with your beloved, there are nice walking tracks and esplanades.

75 Mile Beach, Fraser Island
Have you ever heard of vivid varieties of sea sands? If the answer is negative ,then you can go to 75 Mile Beach, you’re just going to fall in love with an array of beautiful sands that range from the standard white to tones ,darker and ocher. Furthermore, its crystal clear fresh water lakes are really popular among the visitors that can even add up to your swimming experience.

Lizard Island, Whitsundays
Lizard Island, situated on the eastern side of the Great Barrier Reef, is an ultimate way of blissful trip. It’s one of the most intact beaches in the country with wonderful snorkeling sports and a lot more diving activities down the blue sky and into the incredibly blue waters.

Palm Beach, Sydney, Australia
Palm Beach, located in western Sydney, is best for the kids. It’s ultimate for the swimmers, surfers and joggers, for beautiful and secure atmosphere. What is more, a sea-pool house in the southern end of this place .It is one of the stunning spots among visitors.


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