The Ometepe is an Nicaraguans island formed by two volcanoes which rises from Nicaragua lake, covering an area of 276 km with a length of 31 km and a width of 5 to 10 km.
The name of Ometepe originates in the Nahuatl words Ome and Tepetl, which means two mountains. It is the largest island in Nicaragua Lake, also the largest volcanic island inside a fresh water lake.

The island is composed of two volcano islands, between which is a narrow isthmus about 3 kilometers long. The north one is larger, with a length of 19 kilometers and a width of 16 kilometers from north to south. On the island lies the Concepcion volcano, 1610 meters above sea level, which erupted violently in 1958 and 1977.
The southeast of the island lies Volcn Maderas which owns a crater lake and various rainforest environments, which is considered extinct or dormant. A huge lagoon formed in the crater was found on April 15, 1930 by a farmer called Casimiro Murillo, which is bestrowed with coffee and tobacco plantations. Maderas Volcano is a perfect place for ecotourist to have a hike traceable from Finca Magdalena. Most of the island is now a nature reserve.

The volcanic ash makes soils of this island pretty fertile, very suitable for continuous planting. The volcanoes can be seen from different angles on the island, which plays an important role in the myths and legends of the island.

The fertile island is covered with forests, generating cocoa, corns, cottons, tobaccos, bananas as well as other kinds of tropical fruits. The island has unearthed a large number of Indian antiquities. Alta Gracia and Moyo Gal Pa are the main towns on the island.


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