Provence, PACA for short, is a former province of the Roman Empire. It is now a region of southeastern France, adjacent to the Mediterranean, bordering on Italy, which is the famous lavender hometown all over the world, a highly popular tourist destination.

There are a variety of attractions in Provence, such as green hills, olive trees, old towns with beautiful houses, forests, colorful flowers, horses, as well as smiling people.

Bounded by the Alps to the east and Rhne River to the west, it has an unusually varied physical aspect, with landscapes ranging from fertile plains in the Rhne valley to mountains in the east, notably Mont Ventoux, the Luberon as well as the Alpilles, and marshlands in the south.

The Principality of Monaco is nestled between Ness and Italy. There are also some important cities in Provence, such as, Marseille, Aix-en-Provence, Avignon and Arles as well as other ones. Being the largest city in Provence, Marseille is the capital city of both the Bouches-du-Rhne dpartement and of the Provence-Alpes-Cte-dAzur rgion.

Provence is divided into several parts, like Cezanne studio, CoursMirabeau, CathedraleSt-Sauveur, Theatre Antique, The Ear Anicent Museum, Arenes, Pau Castle, and so on.

Lavender is the symbol of waiting for love, meaning beautiful, pure, elegant, as well as expectation. They are almost everywhere in Provence, LuBoLong mountainous area.

The climate of Provence is typically Mediterranean, warm and dry. The best time to appreciate lavenders is in May to July every year. The blue sky, sweet smell of olive, blooming lavenders, as well as the wonderful scenery all make Provence send forth romance.

A trip is never complete without tasting some of the local food in Provence. Here, you will find dishes made with garlic, sweet tomatoes, as well as olive oil. It is also famous all over France for its delicious wine. The people there pay more attention to keep their traditions by holding a large number of celebrations, songs and dances, as well as festivals. There are even bullfights in the towns of Arles and Nimes. It is also a great choice for you to enjoy poetry at Orange s ancient Roman theater with the stars shining above you.


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