You are considering your options whether to go sightseeing in Barcelona using Barcelona Segways, or ‘do-it-yourself’ means. Well, while the latter gives you a lot of options to work with, you would still lose out on immense gains of using the Segways system to tour Barcelona. To begin with, this is one of the cities with a rich history. With guided private tours, you get to enjoy a lot of extra benefits as you will find out here below.

  1. Safety

Places with various historic sites tend to attract self-made tour guides that could rip you off your hard-earned money. Actually, Barcelona is one of the most traveled destinations in the travel and tours industry. If you are going to make your time count in this city, you need to be sure that you are dealing with the right people from the start. Unfortunately, you cannot determine this when you are making uninformed choices.

There are countless horrendous stories of people who have lost their valuables or even found themselves stranded, just because they fell prey to unscrupulous tour guides. This, however, does not imply that Barcelona is such a risky place to visit. Just like any other city around the world, there are often cases of criminal tendencies. It is therefore important that every traveler or tourist put their safety first.

  1. Private Tour Services

By choosing Barcelona Segways tour services, you are sure that you are dealing with a provider who is trusted by millions of tourists and travelers around the world. Therefore, their security procedures ensure travelers not only enjoy a relaxing experience but one in a safe environment. Who wants to worry about their safety when they are out to have fun?

With these private tour services, you do not have to make prepayments about expeditions you are yet to enjoy. Participants are only asked to pay at the end of the sightseeing expedition. You will hardly feel the burden to pay for a fun and intimate experience you have enjoyed to your fullest. As if that is not enough, the fact that these tours are often restricted to small groups of six persons makes it even more fun. Each of the participants in the tour gets to enjoy visiting their favorite places, without having to inconvenience others.

  1. Perfect Family Treats

Additionally, this makes it a perfect family activity during vacations. Heaping different families with different cultures and probable languages in one tour may not be the best idea. Imagine the conflict of interests you would encounter in the course of that trip. This is one of the reasons why Barcelona Segways thought it wise to offer their clients exclusively personalized experiences.

  1. Multi-lingual Guided Tours

These tour expeditions are available in ten widely spoken languages. This means that you do not have to worry about finding an interpreter for your trip. One is always available for you in the form of a tour guide. If you want to enjoy Barcelona by yourself, you will be provided with added value as well as local recommendations to make your time worthwhile. The next time you want to enjoy the best of Barcelona, be sure to check out more information at  


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