Located in the north of Zhengzhou city, the Peoples Park opened in August 1, 1952, covering an area of 30.14 hectares, of which 3.37 hectares of water, 25.41 hectares of green space.
In the south of the peoples Park stands Hu Gong ancestral hall which is resplendent and majestic, commemorating general Hu Jingyi.
At the back of the park lies an artificial lake, of which exists two islets. There are some boat pavilions and boat docks.

The park owns a lotus-shaped fountain in the center, surrounded by a large number of Chinese roses, large lawns, Platanus orientalis, as well as evergreen shrubs.
In the northwest of the park exists a yulan magnolia garden, and a bamboo house as well as a plum garden in the east.

The Peng Ancestral Temple is in the west of the park, with five pavilions. It is also a building in the Republic of China, with only Memorial Pavilion and a remnant white marble stone.
There are a large number of entertainment projects, such as Ferris wheels, carousels, bungee jumping and something like that. Whats more, the 2013 Spring Festival in Zhengzhou city was held in the peoples Park, with exhibition of lanterns.


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