I know first hand that one of the hardest decisions when booking a trip on The Yacht Week is picking the “best” route.  Each destination has a different appeal, whether it’s the party of a lifetime in Croatia or the beautiful sandy beaches of the British Virgin Islands.

I’ve been lucky enough to have been on 5 trips with The Yacht Week and wanted to share my own experience from each trip to help you decide which route is best for you. I’ve broken down each route by various interests (nightlife, sailing, extra costs, etc.) and given them a rating from low to high.

Below, you’ll find four different tabs for information on The Yacht Week Greece, Italy, Croatia and BVis. I haven’t been on the Thailand route (which is why it’s not included in the comparison) BUT, I have been to Thailand on my own and can imagine the sailing and nightlife are out of this world!

Nightlife: 4

This is not a first-pumping electronic music destination. It’s a laid back, reggae music and dancing under the stars with the sand between your toes kind of destination.

That’s not to discount the nightlife. There’s just a more Jack Sparrow feel to it. The only BVI’s bottle service you’ll find here is waking up under a palm tree with a bottle of rum in your hand.

Day Parties: 4

The BVIs route has some of the best day parties of all the routes. Again, the party is a bit different than the European routes because you will be sipping on rum cocktails on the beautiful white sand beaches all day.

Activities: 4

The BVIs are great for ocean activities, whether you explore the caves and natural baths at Virgin Gorda or sail out for an afternoon of snorkeling.

Local Culture: 5

The island culture plays a big role in how amazing this experience is. Locals will have you in stitches (they’re hilarious) and make a seriously delicious “painkiller” cocktail.

There is a lot of sailing tourism in the islands but most businesses are run by locals.

Sailing Experience: 5

The sailing in the BVIs is world-class and each destination along the route has a special and unique appeal. There is a reason Richard Branson built his island home here!

Size of Route: 3

Approx. 10-20 yachts per route

The BVIs is a bit more intimate with a smaller amount of boats on each route. We only had 10 boats on our route but the BVIs routes have gotten a lot bigger over the last few years.

You will find it easier to get a catamaran for this route than other destinations which is great for bigger groups. There is also the famous New Years route which I have yet to experience but looks like a blast and draws a lot more people out than the Spring routes.

Extra Costs: 5

Expect quite a lot of additional expenses in the BVIs. Port fees weren’t too bad (approx. $25/night) but grocery shopping is expensive. There is only one shop in Tortola before you set sail and things are quite pricey. I think I paid something like $6 for a roll of aluminum foil!


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