Driving in Uganda is not new concept, many clients have been enjoying this option for long. As time come to pass and when you consider modernity. Driving safaris with rooftop tents have been made easy in some ways below.

Variety of cars with rooftop tents.

There are many options of cars with rooftop tents when it comes to self-driving in Uganda. Whether a group tour, family, couple, solo travelers, honey mooners and many more there are options which can fit every traveler. Cars like Land cruiser TX/TZ, Land cruiser V8, land cruiser VX, Land cruiser LX and many options are available with rooftop tents.

Luxury cars with rooftop tents are available, those that can take Diesel, Petrol, Manual transmission, and Automatic. This caters for clients who prefer luxury cars with rooftop tents to enjoy the feeling of sleeping on top of the car in African wilderness.

Besides luxury cars, there is also an option of Budget cars with rooftop tent. Those on tight budget, this option is suitable. Renting a car with rooftop tent will make you explore African attractions in a unique way, Imagine, sleeping on top of the car in African savanna and setting.

Camping grounds.

In Uganda, there are many camping grounds. This makes visitors camping safaris to have different choices of where to spend nights. Most accommodations in destinations have options of camping ground which are safe, with cooking options, clean bathrooms and toilets and many more.

Visitors are free to prepare the type of food they want; Camping safaris makes the budget affordable since camping grounds are less expensive than sleeping in Lodges.


Flexibility with camping safaris come in many ways, renting a car with rooftop tent makes it easy to change the programme, for instance incase visitors prefer to spend more nights in the destination this is easy, Moreover, in some places, visitors can decide to sleep in a lodge and also some nights in their rooftop tents.

Visitors have a choice whether they go with a driver or they decide to self-drive on their vacations. Experienced driver guides are available, they are knowledgeable about different destination and attractions. In the national parks, visitors on self-drive can hire park guides for easy navigation through the park trails and also, they give information about different attractions in the destination.

Tips to consider when renting a car with rooftop tent.

-Consider a car which will fit the number of people on the tour.

-Make sure the rooftop tent has no damage

-Consider tents which can fit the number of people, some rooftop tents can accommodate 2 people, 3 people and some cars can accommodate Double rooftop tents.

-Get a good camping ground which security, with bathrooms and toilets.

-There are options of hiring drivers in case you cannot drive in foreign countries.

-There is an option of renting a car with rooftop tent with no cooking utensils. This means you will be buying food from Lodges, like lunches, Dinner and Breakfast.

-Avoid camping in the bush, always park the car on the camping grounds around the accommodation facility.

-Book a car with a reliable and registered company

Best time to Rent a car with rooftop tent.

Touring can be done any time of the year but there is some period which is termed as the best time to travel in Uganda. The best time to do a camping safari or to rent a car with rooftop tent is in dry season. It a period with less rain, this is when many visitors book their vacations to reduce chances of being disturbed by rain through making the roads and trails slippery, cold nights and many more.

Though dry season months ie From June-Oct and from Jan to Feb, are the best. It calls for the need to book in advance for some activities which are subject to availability. For instance, Chimpanzees, gorilla tracking. Dry season is a peak season and there is a limited number of people per gorilla family. So sometimes the demand exceeds supply, therefor booking in advance is very paramount.

How to purchase permits for activities on a camping trip.

Car hire companies which are reliable and fully registered purchase permits for clients. For activities like Gorilla tracking and chimpanzees, it is necessary for the permits to be bought in advance because they are subject to availability. Your company will reserve the permit for you and then give the permits to you when delivering the car.


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