North Island is a privately owned island and is spread in an area of only two square kilometres. The island was found in the year 1609 by the British East India Company explorer, Alexander Sharpeigh. The North Island is well known for its rare giant land tortoises. Some of the people in the island are engaged in the plantation activities of spices, fruit, copra, and guano. Fish oil is also produced on the island and is used locally by the people as well as for tourists. The North Island, Seychelles is famous for its flora and fauna as well as has serene white sand beaches.

The North Island is full of granite and is also extremely fertile. The Island has abundant of fresh water making it possible for humans to live. The island was uninhabited for several decades and thus the beauty is untouched with numerous exotic wild species of flora and fauna. The North Island, Seychelles is perfect for the people who want to revitalize their inner spirit in the serene wild beauty of the island. The island is a tropical haven of calmness, stillness and tranquillity. The North Island, Seychelles has only four beaches but is wonderful private place to stay with your loved one.

One of the best things about the North Island, Seychelles is that it does not lie between the cyclone belts of the Indian Ocean making it the most perfect place for vacation. The North Island is developing the Barefoot Luxury Robinson Crusoe for the tourists who like to spend their vacation in privacy as well as in solitude. Right now the island has only twelve villas but is the perfect place to stay and provide their best of hospitality to the guests. The staff members on the island are well trained and they ensure you perfect quality services twenty four hours round the clock. The restaurants of North Island offer best of their food to the guests and they really well specializes in fresh sea food.

The North Island is ecologically sensitive and is also a home for several precious natural and marine treasures. The eleven separate villas of the island offer excellent services to the guests. All the villas are centrally air conditioned and have their own private pool. These villas also have their own private kitchens, libraries and dining rooms. Luxury services offered by the Barefoot Luxury Robinson Crusoe are the spa, gym, Jacuzzi and the facility of a saloon. A common swimming pool is also their with a Tropical Heat Sunset bar.

The eleven guest villas specially constructed for the guest are handcrafted from the local stone, glass and from the wood. The villas are especially thatched with the “alang alang” roof tops. The villas are spread over a gigantic four hundred and fifty square meters. The eleven villas are self contained with all the amenities including a huge luxurious bedroom, changing room, writing facility, huge bathroom, a marble bath, and an outside shower. So, with all these things to enjoy in the serene North Island, Seychelles, do not wait and pack your bags right now to head for this wonderful island to untie your inner soul.


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