Liberia has the distinction of being the oldest Republic in Africa, and the country is located on the western coast of Africa. The Atlantic Ocean touches the country on the south as well as southwest, the country of Sierra Leone on the North West, Ivory Coast in the east, and Guinea in the north.

Other information, Liberia has an area of about forty-three thousand sq miles. The capital of Liberia is Monrovia, and the country has close to three and one forth million passengers.

The county is naturally beautiful, with close to forty percent of the total rainforest area of Africa housed within. Liberia is also the second-largest maritime licenser among all countries in the world and has a fleet of close to eighteen hundred ships that carry its flag, and this is also inclusive of thirty-five percent of the tanker fleet of the world.

The citizens of Liberia Africa are referred to as Liberians. The demographics are mixed, with a number of ethnicities. The breakdown of ethnicities will come around to twenty percent made up of Kpelle people, Sixteen percent of Bassa, eight percent of Gio, seven percent of Kru, and the rest forty percent is made up by twelve other minority ethnic groups.

There are three main religions, of which Animism is the chief, with sixty percent Animists, and thirty percent Christians. Muslims make up ten percent.

Although the official language is English, there are sixteen indigenous languages in total. The literacy rate and life expectancy are poor, fifty-six percent and forty-seven years respectively.

Liberia was once a beautiful country, in fact, still is, but political unrest caused constant misfortunes related to crime, civil war, and possible terrorism and this makes it inadvisable to go to Liberia as a tourist.

Go only if you have some essential work and that too only after having made adequate security arrangements for your safety with an organization. Also, try to restrict yourself to the capital, Monrovia, because the regions outside are not at all safe for foreigners. Make sure you check the security situation.

In addition to the crime and violence are common occurrences in Liberia Africa. There are many instances wherein demonstrations can turn violent in seconds. Make sure you avoid large groups of people. Do not walk alone at night.


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