Rwanda is relatively a new comer amongst the countries to visit for a safari holiday in Africa! Located in the heart of Africa, Rwanda is most known for being home to the endangered gorillas, that were premiered in the popular 1988 American Drama movie “Gorillas in the Mist” directed by Michael Apted and starring Sigourney Weaver as naturalist Dian Fossey who stayed with the gorillas for close to 2 decades in the wild. Though this is the main star attraction that brings tourists to Rwanda, there are a million reasons as to why one should consider visiyting Rwanda this year!

1. Experience the Natural Experience

Rwanda also known as the land of a thousand hills blends an abundance of beautiful landscapes; that include cascading hills and valleys including the Volcanic mountains that touch the clouds within the sky! Rwanda is endowed with plenty of natural resources. The country has a remarkable range of breathtaking scenery in addition to one of the natural wonders in the world: beautiful rolling hills, that make the country to be referred to as “Land of a thousand hills”.

2. Go Gorilla Trekking in PNV

Rwanda remains the most popular destination for gorilla day hikes in Africa. Though travelers can see the mountain gorillas in Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (RDC), Rwanda remains the most destination for short gorilla watching trips. The Volcanoes National Park in Northern Rwanda host a third of the world’s population of the endangered mountain Gorillas. Visitors to the park are amazed by the experience of watching the mountain gorillas in one of the habituated gorilla groups in Rwanda. Today there are ten habituated gorilla groups with each group receiving 8 tourists a day! This therefore means that there are 80 gorilla permits available each day allowing tourists to see the gigantic giants in their natural habitat.

3. Amazing Game Viewing Opportunities

Though Rwanda is most known for hosting the mountain gorillas, the country offers amazing opportunities for watching other amazing wildlife which include chimpanzees, golden monkeys and savanna wildlife. The two other national parks of Nyungwe Forest and Akagera National Park host unique animal species. Nyungwe Forest is home to thirteen different primates while Akagera National Park with its savanna grasslands offer opportunities for wildlife viewing on game drives as well as boat rides on Lake Ihema.  With these parks a lot is awaiting you on a Rwanda safari filled with unique adventures through the vergreen foliage of thick natural forests and savanna grasslands!

4. Unique Cultural & Historical Experiences

Rwanda is known for her rich cultural experiences that will enable you learn about Rwanda, its history, people and culture! If you are looking to unique Events why not visit Rwanda on the Kwita Izina, an annual gorilla naming ceremony. An evening on your safari enjoy the beautiful Intore dancers doing their thing! A cultural tour in Rwanda can also include a visit to the ancient national museum, past Omuami’s Palace, as well as genocide memorial sites! If you are looking to unique cultural experiences, you should look no further than starting planning your adventure safari to Rwanda.


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