The Dubai International Airport is undoubtedly one of the most famous and busiest airports in the world. Dubai has always been a much looked up to destinations, gloriously renowned for all its bling and glamour. The Dubai International Airport (DXB) lays down the perfect setting for your entry into the land of golden dreams. Even if you were to find yourself at DXB for a layover, you can still experience the luxury that the city offers right here at the airport. A lot of us have the notion that the entire wealth of Dubai lies in its oil rigs. However, you will be surprised to know that oil only contributes for 2% of the GDP. A huge chunk of Dubai’s income, one-third to be exact, comes from its airport. As opposed to Oil, Tourism is the actual major contributor to the country’s GDP and DXB plays a very important role in this. Wondering how? Well, this virtual journey through this world class airport will help you see.

Let’s start by scratching the surface with some Dubai Airport Information:

  • In the year 2016-17, DXB saw passenger traffic of 80,387,442 and cargo traffic of 2,425,475.
  • There are three terminals at DXB which collectively allow the entry of 130 airlines from all parts of the world. There are a total of 526 counters at DXB. The fourth terminal is expected to be completed by 2020 right in time for the much awaited Dubai World Expo.
  • It is the primary hub for Emirates and FlyDubai, as well as the secondary hub for Qantas Airlines.
  • If you travel via Emirates and have a layover of more than four hours at DXB, you can get a meal for free.

Get more Dubai Airport Information before you make your flight bookings and make the most of your time here. Here’s how you can indulge in some of Dubai style luxury at DXB.

Duty Free Shopping

You cannot set foot on Dubai Soil and not go shopping. For travellers just here for a connecting flight, DXB’s Duty Free Shopping offers pretty much everything under the sun at competitive rates and is a great way to spend your layover time. You can find liquor, confectionary, apparel, cosmetics, household items, watches, jewellery and so much more.

Experience a Gastronomic delight

The food courts between gates 113 and 115 offer a delectable choice of epicurean fare. You can find a range of international cuisine ranging from Indian, Arabic, Mongolian, and French etc. Several fast food chains serve an array of dishes that will surely appeal to all your senses. Given the large number of non-muslim passengers that travel via Dubai, there are also several pubs to grab a fine drink.

Doze off at the SnoozeCube

A very welcome upgrade to the DXB came in the form of the Snoozecubes at terminal 1. These are small sleeping pods which are soundproof and come equipped with a bed, internet connection and a TV. You don’t even have to worry about falling asleep and missing your connecting flight. Everything is taken care of. You can rent these for 16 USD per hour.

Relax at the Zen Garden

If you are tired from flying and just seek some peace, you can soak up a piece of tranquil at the Zen Gardens which are an absolute beauty and a great way to treat your soul to some green.

Experience Arabic Hospitality at the Lounges

Venture into one of the several lounges and get a taste of Arab hospitality and culture. Sit back and relax and enjoy a nice cup of hot beverage.

Retreat to the Health Club

Another way to chill at DXB is go for a swim. Yes, you read that right. DXB boasts of its own swimming pool where you can cool off and refresh yourself. Not only that, you can also get a massage at the health club, there’s also a Jacuzzi, a sauna, a shower and a fully equipped gym. How about burning some calories while you wait!

Get a Room at the Hotel

At the airport which has a swimming pool, it isn’t much of a surprise if there’s a five star hotel – another example of the Arab flamboyance. The hotel is located at the Shaik Rashid Terminal and rooms can be rented on an hourly or nightly basis. Needless to say, it offers all the amenities and facilities that you can find at other parts of DXB.

Dubai has always been a city that is constantly thriving to outdo other countries in every way possible. With so many facilities DXB certainly stands superlative. What was once nothing more than a shack, when it opened in 1960 is today one of the fastest growing aviation hubs in the world. If you are travelling to Dubai and need more Dubai Airport Information, check out tour packages as you start planning.


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