Sea kayaking is becoming a very popular pastime now and the coastline of Croatia offers some beautiful sights and interesting features for those who want to spend a few days exploring. There are hundreds of islands along the coast which make great stopping points and you can even start from Dubrovnik, a beautiful walled city and visit medieval buildings and great beaches along the way. There are several guided tour options for this type of trip for those who do not want to tackle it themselves.

One guided kayaking trip will take around 9 days and begins with a tour of the beautiful city of Dubrovnik. The kayaking begins on day 2 and you head out to Lokrum Island. This is part of the Elafiti Islands and Lokrum has become a nature reserve. The island itself is heavily forested and is home to botanical gardens and ancient monuments such as a fort and a monastery. The trip allows for several hours to be spent here so you can go hiking, swimming or snorkelling before heading back to Dubrovnik by kayak. After another day close to Dubrovnik you will then head out to Kolocep, one of the smallest islands in the same group as Lokrum. There are ancient churches to explore and you get to spend some time on the island before heading a little further northwards to the Peljescac Peninsula.

The base for the trip then moves to the coastal town of Orebic. From here you can kayak out to Korcula Island which used to be part of Greece and which boasts plenty of beautiful beaches. You can kayak around the whole of the island and then spend some time in Korcula, reputed to be Marco Polo’s birthplace. The town is a World Heritage Site and attracts thousands of tourists each year.

There are other tour operators which use Lopud Island as a base. Visitors will fly in to Dubrovnik and then take a short ferry ride to the island which is also part of the Elafiti group. The islands are fairly unique in that there are no motorised vehicles there and they are the perfect destination for those who are looking for a more sedate way of life. Islands such as Lopud, Kolocep and Sipan have only a few hundred inhabitants and the tour here includes time to explore the islands.

The tour operators include everything that you need to enjoy a great kayaking holiday experience. The cost will include accommodation and meals, all kayaking equipment, the excursions, the guide and airport transfers. For safety reasons the number of participants in each group is limited to 16 although with prior notice a larger group can be accommodated. Children younger than 8 are not recommended to take this holiday and there are other optional trips that can be booked when you arrive.

The time on holiday is not just spent in the kayak. From Lopud Island you will kayak to Sipan Island and spend some time hiking and cycling there to explore before kayaking back to Lopud. The third day of the break will be spent both kayaking and snorkelling around Lopud itself. The trip will follow the coastline to the beaches on the island’s south side. Sunj Bay is one of the most popular beaches on the island and can get busy with tourists when the weather is good. You can also take a similar trip around the island of Kolocep which boasts some of the most dramatic coastline that the region has to offer. There are plenty of cliffs and dark caves, but when you have had enough there are several villages that have a very Mediterranean feel and where you can be sure of a warm welcome from the locals.

Other destinations for kayakers include St Andrija Island but there are also other options too. You might want to consider river kayaking in Herzegovina or explore the salt water lakes in Mljet Island National Park. In many cases the itinerary is flexible as some activities and excursions will depend upon the weather.

There are a few items that you should always take with you on a kayaking break. You will need swimwear and light weight clothing. You should have water shoes for when kayaking and make sure that you have sun block and a hat. It is also recommended to take along a water bottle as you may be kayaking for several hours at a time. Actual equipment for kayaking is usually provided for you as part of the holiday but if you are arranging your own you will need to remember items such as a life jacket.


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