There is, perhaps, no other place on earth as famed, as historic,
as loved, and yet as controversial as Israel. It is the ‘promised
 land of milk and honey to the Jews; the site of the Prophet Mohamed’s ascent to heaven for Muslims; and the setting for Jesus Christ’s ministry, crucifixion, death, and resurrection. As the centre of the world’s three great monotheistic religions, this land
 has also been at the heart of continuous conflict throughout the millennia. The intractable dispute between Israeli and Palestinian is ever-present but provides a unique opportunity to learn, listen and debate. Leave your preconceived notions behind when stepping off the plane.
Whether you want a sun-and-sea beach break, are on a religious pilgrimage searching out spirituality, have your backpack strapped on and a limited budget in your pocket, or are a fitness fanatic craving strenuous hiking and biking, this land really does have it all Smaller than Belgium, Wales or the state of New Jersey, the range and diversity of attractions crammed into Israel and the Palestinian Territories is incredible. Within just one day you can lie on the beach in Tel Aviv, pray at the site of Christ’s crucifixion and finish off with a beer in Ramallah.
Jerusalem – the name alone conjures up images and feelings that awaken the senses before one even arrives. But though the tangible sense of history and the wealth of archaeology are almost overwhelming, Israel sees past and present living side by side. For
 every holy site in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv has a pavement café-bar. And the contrasts don’t end there: seasonal skiing on Mount Hermon,diving and snorkelling in Eilat all year round, camel treks into desert expanses, and soaks in the steamy Dead Sea waters are all part of the experience in the Holy Land.


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