MrGamez has released a new ranking of the most fun destinations in the world and the Netherlands proves to not only be top for culture but entertainment too, while Prague tops the list of cities.

With thousands of cheap flight and hotel deals going live every day, the world has never been more open for exploring. But with so much choice, how do you decide where to go?

MrGamez has researched the top destinations in the world for vacations and ranked them based on 12 individual metrics such as a number of theatres, museums, and casinos and Prague emerged as the best city, while the Netherlands has been listed as the top country for fun and entertainment.

What Makes a Destination Fun?

The research looked at various factors, including a number of museums, sports stadiums, festivals per year and national attractions. We researched how many of each of these ‘fun factors’ each destination had to offer. To make the comparison fair across destinations of vastly different sizes, the overall amount was adjusted to a ‘per square km’ figure before the final ranking was calculated.`

With the most entertaining experiences, these top five countries represent the best places around the world for an exciting and enjoyable trip:

1. The Netherlands – While also the number one for culture, the Netherlands boasts a huge array of museums and concert halls.

2. Cyprus – With 188 national attractions, 31 casinos and 32 museums, Cyprus was not overlooked in terms of its flow of culture and entertainment.

3. Belgium – Despite its small size, Belgium ranks third with 295 national attractions, 50 museums and 45 amusement, animal and water parks.

4. United Kingdom – From concert halls and art galleries to Michelin Star restaurants and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, there’s a lot of culture to explore across the UK.

5. Germany– With the second highest number of Amusement, Animal and Water Parks, Germany has plenty of fun to throw yourself into.

Escape to Prague

With 72 escape rooms – more than any other city – Prague has truly embraced the escape craze. While cities such as London and New York can boast the highest amounts of many other attractions, Prague packs a huge amount into a small space, meaning you’re never far from some entertainment in The City of a Hundred Spires.


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