Crete island is the largest of all the Greek Islands. As the island has fertile Crescent, Crete island has mineral-rich soil and warm climate. As the locals had nothing to fight for the living, the Cretans started making complicated things like the crocus flowers which apparently covered their island and they also collected saffron which was used as yellow dye for food and medicine. From their neighbors, Egyptians, they got the cloth and beautiful jewels. From the other neighbors, Hittites, they learned using iron and from Phoenicians, they received the building blocks of language, alphabet which is used today.

Moreover, this beautiful island is rich in picturesque landscapes and beaches. Below is the list of top five beaches in Crete island.


This beach is perfect for a Caribbean vibe as this is the place where “taste ofparadise” advertisement was filmed in the 1970s. This beach, also known as palm forest that gently curves golden sand beach which has stood here for more than 3,000 years. According to the legend, they are in fact a rare species of the palm trees of southern Greece called Phoenix theophrasti. It is known as the only palm tree forest in Europe.


Maybe the best beach on the southwest coast including thelively resort here. Everybody from grown-ups to toddlers feels superbly excited here. The sunny season is longer here and winter house rentals remain popular.


It is in the far northwest corner of Crete around 11km fromthe nearest proper town Kíssamos. Itconsists of a resort area, very scattered accommodation and shops covered in olive groves and greenhouses.


There’s a possibility that you may already have a glimpse ofit on brochures even before your arrivalso you will have no trouble finding it. Although parking is here surprisinglyfree but sunbeds on the beach are not. All those willing to just use a mat on beachare asked to remove them.


It is pronounced soo-ya’, a little beach resort is in the proximity to 45miles southwest of Chania. The sharp turns in the drive there are scenic. The water iswarm and clean beyond the surf-zone. The beach is generally wind-free.

To travel around with ease, you will need a ride tomove from airport to any other place in Crete.

For that only, we have found some services to ease up your work. The famous airport here named as the Heraklion International Airport (HER) is also known as the Nikos Kazantzakis Airport after the name of native Herakli on writer and philosopher. The airport is the primary hub and the second busiest in the country. You can find car rental in Crete airport and they are eager to get you quickly behind the wheel so you can continue your journey in Greece or complete your journey.

To sum up, your trip to Crete will be forever incomplete if you missed any of the beaches mentioned above as each one of them has a story to tell and that’s a mesmerizing experience to have.


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