For those who love adventure but who also like to sometimes take life at a more leisurely pace, ballooning can be an incredible adventure. Just think of taking in all the magnificent vistas and sights as you float serenely over the incredible countryside of the Alps. Sounds good? Yes, we thought so!

There are many tour operators who offer balloon excursions and who can be found locally in the region and also on the internet such as Alpes Montgolfiere. This is the perfect way in which to see all the most beautiful areas of “Pays du Mont Blanc”.

It is always good practice to ensure that the company with which you are travelling is fully licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority in order to ensure your safety. After you have made these checks and you are happy with the set up then it is time to go!

There is nothing on earth – no photograph, book or film which can prepare you for your first ever real life aerial view of the Alps. This is a truly life changing experience to see this natural wonder close up and in such an ethereal way for the first time. In fact even if you are a seasoned traveller over the Alps in a balloon, you will never become desensitised to their absolute and rugged beauty.

A balloon ride in this area is especially popular as a gift or to commemorate a special time such as an anniversary or engagement. Be sure to take a good camera or camcorder with you on your journey as these are memories which you will wish to treasure forever.

Flying in a balloon is a safe and secure way to enjoy the outdoors along with your own professional pilot who will talk you through the highest summits in Europe. The great aspect of flying in a hot air balloon is that anyone of any age can take part and this type of trip is obviously especially exciting for the younger generation who will find it all the more magical and thrilling!

Fly over Mont Blanc and over clear and deep blue lakes for on average an hour or so at a time depending on the weather conditions. There are some extra special packages which come with champagne on landing and even a 4 x 4 ride to your own vehicle afterwards. Flying at a height of between on average 1500 and 2500 feet, you will have your breath taken away by such natural beauty. A balloon ride is not cheap however from time to time there are special offers from many of the leading companies. The price of the ticket is however well worth it at circa €200+ per adult this really is a once in a lifetime chance to see the beauty and majesty of the Alps!


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