There are various global tourist destinations around the world that most people long to visit. Among these destinations Morocco and in particular the Sahara desert certainly is not considered very often. This is not to say that it is not a spectacular site to tour, on the contrary there is a unique activity that draws many people to this unique location. This is camel trekking in Morocco which is where part of the famous Sahara desert is located. Morocco is renowned for its rich cultural heritage, hospitality and unique activities such as hiking up the Atlas Mountains, camel trekking, cultural tour to rural Morocco, exploring Moroccan folklore, visiting Hammams etc.

Camel trekking in Sahara desert is an eccentric adventure that entails a life time opportunity to explore the depth of Morocco in a traditional style. This involves traversing through the oldest and largest desert of Sahara with its geographical, historical and cultural significance. Camel trekking through Morocco is an exhilarating and unique experience to capture the essence and true meaning of adventure.

Camel trekking in Morocco offers a unique opportunity to visit some wild places and dune strewn wilderness. It also transports to a land of mystery where you may be dodging snake charmers, hanging out with hippies or bargaining at the exotic souks. The camel is chosen for this treacherously fun journey for various reasons. First is because the camel is the best suited animal to traverse across harsh terrain with ease as it stores its own water. The camel is known for going on long distances without the need for food and water frequently therefore making it the number one choice for trekking. The other reason is that camels were the traditional mode of transportation in the olden days and as such their use is considered as an extension of history. It is seen as a way of maintaining the rich culture of the Moroccan people.

Whilst camel trekking in Morocco there are many beautiful sites and sounds that people can enjoy and experience. The first one geared up and ready to go is the Erg Chebbi located in the greater Merzouga desert. The slow and extensive journey avails to tourists an exclusive opportunity to witness the highest sand dunes that are nearly fifty meters high. This natural spectacle is fascinating in its own right and as such most people come back again for such scenes. Visitors can also walk on foot to the top of the dunes to get a feel of these natural structures.

Another scenic site that the tourists will be treated to is the Draa valley. This auspicious location offers the opportunity to experience the wild Sahara and spend night in Nomad tents. You will also witness the occurrence of shifting dunes, a first when it comes to desert geography. Only in such a place can this phenomenon be witnessed all the while on the camel’s back. The vast open space and quiet ambiance allows tourist to appreciate the true meaning of nature at its mighty best.

As is common in deserts there are oases. The Sahara desert does not lack oases that tourists can marvel at while enjoying a bit of shade and relaxation from the journey. These are cool areas that are rich in natural amenities lacking in deserts, such as water and trees that provide shade. All these can be enjoyed during an authentic Arabian adventure in the heart of Sahara.

During the camel trek guests get a chance to trek into the deeper Sahara desert where other natural marvels await. These include a view of the distant mountain summits only visible from the interior parts of Morocco. Then tourists get the chance to pass through the valley of a thousand Kasbahs a site to behold. It is a blend of nature’s perfection. Another valley visible is the valley of roses also with its beautiful geographical features. Lastly guests can enjoy seeing small and large dunes side by side in the orange valley.

One of the best selling points for those willing to take part in camel trekking in Morocco is the chance to see the sun set and rise over the desert. Described by many as the most beautiful and picture perfect moment, sunrise and sunset across the desert is the most memorable site that most people will ever witness. It is a grand affair that has led to most photographers winning photographic competitions just for capturing the sun set or sunrise. For camel trekking in Morocco this is a guarantee and from the numerous positive reviews, it is truly a site to behold that will engrave lasting memories.

The climax of the trek is to reach the Atlantic coastline which is the genesis of the desert. While there tourists get a chance of seeing the fishing settlements along the coastline. They also get a chance to see and shop in Souk markets and enjoy the culture of the Touareg community.

Camel trekking in Morocco comes in tailor made packages that are made to suit the travelers. One such package is the chance to trek for only a night. This package is meant to cover the basics but is not as detailed. Then there are other packages ranging from three nights to seven days. These cover more ground and are very detailed and elaborate. There are also day time treks and evening treks, all the while being provided with the most highly trained and highly skilled of tour guides. These guides have years of experience and tons of knowledge in regards to the geography of the area. They also educate tourists on the culture of the people in the area. Guests can enjoy the nights in tents all the while being dazzled by thousands of sparkling stars in the vast night sky, whilst enjoying the cool night breeze.

Camel trekking in Morocco may sound treacherous at first thought but the truth of the matter is that it is everything but contrary to that. Many that have ventured into this adventure have admitted to it being the best decision they have ever taken. This is because it is primarily very different from any other activities available currently and is very fun and educative. This is a must do for those seeking memory filling fun adventures.


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