Dubai has its own typical and traditional activities, exclusively meant for the tourists, which leaves them so enthralled, that they keep coming for more. One such fascinating experiences is the camel tours of Dubai.

Just as Egyptians believe that the Nile is God’s gift to them, so do the Bedouins of Saudi Arabia believe that the camels are God’s gift to them. Since the ancient times, these camels were used for transporting goods and people from one place to another. These journeys were always undertaken in groups known as caravans. The camels are very sturdy animals and can endure the severe heat, strong winds, and other adverse conditions of the desert.

This is precisely the reason why these animals are referred to as the ‘ships of the desert’. The camel is capable, has the energy and strength to travel for long distances without food or water and it is for this singular reason that people living in the deserts believe that the camels are worth their weight in gold. The camels are an intrinsic part of the Arab culture and tradition. Camel tours have also become a part of the Arab culture.

Now that you are in Dubai, you can experience for yourself how people of the early times crossed the desert in search of new places for staying and trading. There are two types of camel tours – one, which starts at 9.00 am and another which starts at 3.00 pm. The morning camel tours which start in the morning take you to the edge of the desert. A Bedouin meets you and takes you around the mysterious sand dunes. Never attempt to go off by yourself as these dunes are as treacherous as they are alluring – you could get lost.

On your trek you will get to see different types of flora and fauna – if you are lucky you could get to see some of the desert animals. The camel tours then take you to a shady area where you settle down for lunch. After lunch you can take a car and go back to the city. The Dubai camel tours which start in the afternoon depart at 3.00 pm and take you around the desert. After an hour of camel trekking over the dunes they take you to the heart of the desert where you can watch the sun setting. The magic of the sun disappearing into the shadows is something that you will not be able to forget.

In the evening, you reach a real ethnic Bedouin village, where you are given a traditional Arab welcome. You can sit down under the starry skies, enjoy an excellent barbecue dinner and settle down for an overnight stay. While you enjoy your dinner, a Belly Dancer performs for you to the rhythm of swaying and haunting Arabian music. You will be treated to a hearty traditional Arab or continental breakfast the next morning, depending on your choice, after which you can head back to Dubai. The memories of the magical experience of the camel tours will remain with you for days to come.

This experience of camel tours is a must for the adventurous and those wanting to experience a real desert adventure from the heart of Arabia. Be a part of nature as you take in the beautiful view and enjoy the glory of sunset. Capture the beautiful colors of the desert sands to take home.


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