Jordan is a Middle Eastern country bordered by Israel, Iraq, Syria and Saudi Arabia. The country was under the British Administration and gained independence in the year 1946. While Amman, the capital city of Jordan, the Dead Sea, the Forts, the Palaces and Mosques are major attractions of Jordan, the country also has a few other things to offer for adventure enthusiasts. The trekking from Dana to Petra is a really great experience.

Trekking from Dana to Petra offers a variety of landscapes and scenic views. It also has a rich history associated from the Biblical period which makes it a very interesting place to visit. The general route taken is from the Dana Natural Reserve to Petra. It takes a minimum of five days for the trek from Dana to Petra. Some of the treks can be done by jeep and so might take a shorter time.

The Dana region comes under Jordan’s RSCN (Royal Society for the Protection of Nature). The start of the trek would be a half day trip in the Dana Reserve, known for its diverse flora and fauna. There are a lot of lodges and guesthouses run by the RSCN which can accommodate you through the trek. The day you start from Dana, most trekkers take the route from Dana to Feynan through the sandstone gorge of Wadi Dana.

On the route you will come across numerous gorges, rocky mountains, canyons and Wadis (a valley or a riverbed of water – similar to an Oasis). The land of the Lawrence of Arabia, monuments from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and other amazing landscapes and beautiful sceneries are seen throughout the trek. Unexcavated remains through the Roman and Iron Age eras can also be seen. There are Roman watchtowers and remains from the Neolithic eras, in fact each of the monuments and historical artefacts have a lot of anecdotes attached to them. Make sure you take a professional guide or ask the trekking agency to arrange for one during the trek, it can make the trip very informative.

After you reach Siq al Barid, you will then head towards Ad-Deir which is the home of the Petra Monastery and the most famous façade. Reaching the place and the first view of the façade is considered as one of the most defining moments in many trekkers’ lives and yes we are not joking! Al-Deir would lead you to the Petra or the “Rose City”. There are a lot of treasures, hidden temples, tombs etc. in Petra to explore. Petra is an ancient city famous for being made out of Sandstone and this is considered as one of the Seven New Wonders of the World.

One of the most interesting things about the trek is that it offers a variety of climatic experiences from a comfortable climate to lush vegetation to sweltering temperatures of the desert.

Reaching Jordan

The Jordan International Airport is well connected internationally through the Royal Jordanian Airlines as well as British Airways, Air France and Lufthansa. Apart from Queen Alia, which is the major international airport, there are two other international airports in the country.


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