Setting up a tent is one of the first things many people do after selecting a campsite. The camping tent serves as a shelter for sleeping during the night and provides protection from unfavorable weather conditions and bothersome insects. The process of setting up a simple tent is easy, and tent assembly can be completed within minutes once the basic procedure is understood.

Step 1

Select the campsite. The area should be level and free of rocks, branches and other debris.

Step 2

Roll out the plastic sheet where the tent will be located. This sheet will form a barrier against moisture and dirt.

Step 3

Lay the canvas part of the tent on the plastic in the desired position. The bottom of the tent should be on the plastic, and doors and windows should be facing in the direction they will face when assembled.

Step 4

Stake the four corners of the tent by inserting stakes into the rings located at each corner. Use a hammer to pound the stakes in securely.

Step 5

Assemble the tent poles. Most poles are interlocking poles connected by a flexible cord to simplify assembly. They will slide easily into one another, creating two long, flexible poles.

Step 6

Locate the pole sleeves. These sleeves will be located on top of the tent, extending diagonally from one corner to another. Begin sliding one pole through the sleeves until it has reached the opposite corner.

Step 7

Slide the remaining pole into the remaining sleeves. The tent poles should now form an X on top of the tent.

Step 8

Look at the corners of the tent where it has been staked down. There may be a pin at these corners; it will slide into the end of the tent poles. If there is no pin, then look for a loop of fabric where the tent poles can be inserted. Once you have located these, hook the end of each tent pole into the corresponding pin or loop. As you do this, the tent will take shape and stand up.

Step 9

Locate the small clips, which are located on the canvas part of the tent near the tent poles. These clips should be attached to the tent poles to provide greater stability to the tent.


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