Rwanda is known as one of the best safari destination not only in African but the entire world with a very good climatic condition. Many countries are recognized for having a very strong economy with very good looking infrastructures, but Rwanda is being treasured for having a variety of tourist attraction some of which can’t be found elsewhere in the world with an amazing scenery and Rwanda is sometimes referred to as a land of ‘’a thousand hills’’. Your dream will come true if you book a safari to this small but gifted in nature African country as you will be fortunate to meet very many tourist attractions you’ve never met before in your entire life. Rwanda is one of the countries in Africa which receives a very big number of travelers all year around for the last five past years, the main reason for this attraction is the unique attractions which can easily be viewed on a safari. There are  many unique features which you won’t miss when on a Rwandan safari
and have made Rwanda to stand as a best safari destination include the following

Gorilla and Chimpanzee Tracking:

Gorillas and Chimpanzees are the most known tourist attraction Rwanda offers, gorilla tracking is the most done tourist activity in the volcanoes national park indeed Rwanda is a paradise away from home since these giants are only found in three countries in the world and Rwanda is the most sought after for this activity, these giants can never be found in zoos which means a must visit to this African country to have a magical encounter with these giant apes, the only one hour you are allowed to stay with these giant is a memorable one as you will observe them as well as taking their photos. It’s an extra-ordinary activity as it involves moving deep into the forest to meet these apes. Chimp tracking is as well adventurous as mountain gorillas, as they are fabulous fan to see when playing in fruitful trees or tree branches, Nyungwe forest national park is Rwanda’s only place where these close relatives of man can be met, like mountain gorillas only one hour is allowed to stay with these animal while observing their behavior as well as taking photography, meeting these primate species deep in the forest is a life experience.

Game Drive: – to meet various species of animals in the savannah grassland of Akagera national park, many animal species reside in this park, including the big five such as lion, elephant, buffaloes, leopard, other small mammals include various species of antelope, warthogs, zebra, giraffe and many others, hippos and crocodile can be seen at the lake Ihema while on a boat cruise. Safari game drive is suitable in a good tourist vehicle which can be hired directly from us including 4×4 land-cruiser, Nisan Patrol, vans which we hire at a very low cost and we can hire you a vehicle as well as organizing a full safari for you with a very friendly price.

Bird watching: As it’s sometimes referred to as a birders paradise, Rwanda is gifted with over 1022 bird species some of which are endemic only to this country. Many of these birds can be seen in all the three Rwanda national parks including Akagera national park, Nyungwe and volcanoes national park. kin bird watchers are available at the park headquarters they will take you through the wild to search various species of birds, they can spot them through their calls and since meeting them is in the forest, it require you to come with a first shoot camera. Bird watching can be done all year around either in the morning afternoon or in the evening. On a Rwanda safari you will be fortunate to meet some of the rare birds like the shoebill indeed Rwanda is a paradise away from home.

Other attractive activities that can be included on your Rwanda tour include , Cultural safaris for an opportunity to learn more about Africans, nature walks to explore the parks on feet and learn more about African flora and fauna, city tours to visit interesting places like Rwanda museum to learn more about the history of Rwanda, the genocide memorial site where over 1 million people were killed within 90 days, so survivors of the this horrific war will give you all the necessary information about the cause of this war and also about how they survived from the marauding killers still while at this place you can still see people’s bones, rosary, watches, shoes, cloth among other raid on the floor . Visit also other interesting places within the city. Above and many other tourist attraction make Rwanda a paradise away from home, a visit to this small African country is more than the expectation, book with us any safari to Rwanda you will never forget.


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