Are you interested in art and culture? Do you enjoy spending time in museums whilst on holiday, grabbing coffees in between visits to different institutions? If this sounds like you, then Rome would be an ideal holiday destination. The city is just one large, open air museum itself, beautiful and stunning throughout. There are some truly breathtaking views to be enjoyed and fascinating landscapes to discover, and it’s easily accessible too – there are plenty of options when it comes to booking flights.

Rome has the knack of being able to stand old against new and pull it off and with cultural offers aplenty, the city is a melting pot of everything hip. Some recommendations for sights in Rome include the beautiful ornate churches, piazzas, the famous Coliseum, the Baths of Caracalla and the roman forum. Showing off the history of its famous past and many other intriguing artefacts, Rome’s museums are some of the best in the world and a great way to spend your holiday.

Sights and attractions aside, there is plenty of accommodation available in Rome to suit every budget – from hostels to luxury hotels, every holidaymaker is well catered for. When the museums close and the sun sets, there is still plenty to do – Rome becomes a hive of activity, with many restaurants, cafs and bars to choose from for evening food and drinks, creating an exciting, lively atmosphere.

If you’re flying from London then you’re spoilt for choice – the flight should take around two and a half hours, making it entirely possible to enjoy a weekend away, flying on the Friday afternoon after work. There are flights to suit every budget, too. Other locations in the UK such as Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham can offer similar levels of convenience, with flights typically taking under three hours.

Wherever you are flying from worldwide, you should be able to find some cheap tickets too if you’re on a budget. Popular options include connecting flights and weekend “break flights”, and because you don’t have to book a direct flight, you can always book a European round-trip ticket if you are flying from other continents. This will enable you to visit many different locations within Europe, for a lower price than lots of single airfares. The best time to travel is often over July and August, when the hot and humid climate means that many airlines will offer significantly reduced fares.

Rome is a great place to visit from anywhere in the world, and it’s a perfect holiday destination too – the minute you touch down, you’ll be able to smell the Italian coffee and and know that your Italian adventure has begun.

You can further make sure that you get the best value for money by checking out some flight deals before you book.


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