Honeymooners are referred to people in new relationship or love. In other words, a honeymooner is a couple in new marriages or a newly married couple. After marriage, the couple needs to move to anew place for refreshment or relaxation – this should be a place a way from your familiar location, the couple can decide to leave their country to another or they can decide to change the location but with in their country – for a honey moon safari.

Budget Travel

Many people think that a honeymoon should be a luxury safari. Supporters to this theory say that it is advisable to book a luxury safari in order to enable the couple get the best experience due to the fact that they are supposed to be handled in a special way or careful treated. However with carefull planning you can enjoy a budget or less hyped safari in Africa as long as you choose a good tour operator to carefully craft the best itinerary and the best places for accommodation duirng your holiday. Remember in few weeks back, you have been up and down organizing for the success of your wedding and thereafter you need to relax and enjoy your selves.

Which Safari to Take

Many people think that a honeymoon holiday should a relaxing type of safari – most prefer taking a beach holiday to destinations like Seychelles, Kenya, Zanzibar etc. But your safari should depend on yoir interests or wants. Remember you need to cooperate with your partner so that you can end up in a destination that you both like! Experience shows that many travelers to Africa decide to combine a beach + Jungle kind of Safari. Imagine there are many travelers who have decided to take a gorilla safari in Rwanda or Uganda and combine it with a beach safari. Many honeymooners today go to Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, Masai Mara National Park in Kenya, Chobe National Park in Botswana, Kruger National Park in South Africa and more.

Independent Travel vs Guided Travel

A honeymoon vacation requires a guided safari! Period! You should never try out to travel independently except when you need the stress to kill you! Leave the stress to a tour operator you choose to organise yoir holiday. There are many tour operators that you can use on your holiday in Africa. With tour operators like African Jungle Adventures, Experience Africa, be sure to get the best in life; the honeymooners room must be organized to impress them to their satisfaction. The room must be clean and well organized for the new couple to enjoy their stay. The room should be self contained to maintain the privacy of the couple. It is better when the room consist of King-sized beds, fluffy towels, exceptional cuisine, luxurious accommodation and doting friendly staff.

All your wishes are granted, no matter how extravagant the couple can be. Although you are away from the hustle and bustle of civilized cities, you still have access to all modern gadgets if you like them. You can even choose campfire to warm your selves. You can even order for local dances to be entertained while taking a drink at the campfire.

When to Go for a Honeymoon Holiday?

In winter season, it is advisable to have your vacation in Africa – sunset is something special. It’s almost as if the sky is putting on an exhibition of vibrant water colours just for you, and someone has turned up the saturation. Sundowner drinks with this fiery backdrop are sure to ignite the romance. Add to that the excitement of experiencing things for the first time together and outdoor showers, and the bond deepens.

Things You should not forget

Even sleeping under the soft canopy of a mosquito net adds an Out of Africa air of romance. The skies are ripe for stargazing and game drives are just another excuse to snuggle close as you watch the wild action. A table for two in the bush is an experience that even the best restaurant in the world cannot replicate. So there you have it. Africa is the perfect place to start, or cement a lifelong partnership and make memories. What are you waiting for? Say I do to a safari honeymoon Africa.

African climate is moderate; characterized by sunshine and rainfall – no extra coldness a part from the mountainous areas. The best 4 wheel drive safari vehicle are always reserved to transport honeymooners to their places of interest- a pop up room is a must to enable them take clear selfies and wonderful view. The vehicle should have comfortable seats, gripped Tyres and well services to avoid breakdowns. The honeymooner’s guides are helpful and available whenever needed.


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