Did you know that your New York vacations are incomplete without savoring the delicacies of its top restaurants? Yes, this city is the hub of the gourmets who love to explore one of the most puzzling cultural gems – the local cuisine whose each bite involves a unique taste of a different culture on this planet. So, it goes without saying that the New York vacations are not to be said as over without cherishing your taste buds in world class restaurants known for their dazzling signature tastes. And this has been possible because of the some finest chefs and Sommeliers who have taken the status of the restaurants up to the highest point below which is the support of the world’s finest recipes tinted to perfection. Here are some must-to-explore restaurants of this fine city.


This is the excellence of the famous chef Thomas Keller who is the genius of culinary arts and says ‘Respect for food is respect for life’. Opened initially with some great dishes in 2004, today, the ideal feature of this restaurant is its 9 course meal known for its finest taste to savor in this classic instance of perfection. Its each spoonful taste, you recall the French landscape with its touching food.


This is regarded as the best romantic restaurant here and also is among those five Manhattan restaurants to obtain a four star rating from The New York Times. This is the perfect place to impress your lady of dreams. In this restaurant of French Chef Daniel Boulud, you and your lady are sure to enjoy the mouth-watering French items that are always on the menu amidst an elegant ambiance. To avoid any kind of disappointment, just ensure that reserve well in advance, at least a month before.


Propose your wife once more at this sub continental Indian treat featuring spicy curries and gravies. Run by Suvir Saran and Hemant Mathur, this one has some of the most loved Indian items on the menu. Let your better half feel at home, but still in outdoors feel that is vibrant.

Top of the Tower

This is the best place for those who want to have an out of the world experience. At the Beekman Tower Hotel, it is not only the cuisine that delights you, but it is also the breathtaking vista from above 26 stories that captivate you via its great sights of Manhattan.

Gramercy Tavern

Lost the race against the fast food outlets and now is back with a superb concept of revival! Yes, I am talking about the taverns and this is one such incredible one. With the chefs cooking directly from the heart, menu with the colonial-American flavors, antique decorated rooms of hand cut bricks, the visitors here feel proud to fulfill their appetite. Managed by Mike Anthony, this classical treat is also the home of the most famous pastries by Nancy Olson who ensures that each of the pastry lovers here do come back at least once during their stay here.

Mesa Coyoacan

This is best affordable restaurant for those who love authentic Mexican dishes. However, what is even more admirable is the fact that it serves strictly those items that involves organic products only. So, if you and your wife are health conscious, this is the best bet in New York.

Sushi Yasuda

At this Japanese food restaurant, you will love to savor the best sushi of the city amidst the dissimilar interior as compared to the other conventional restaurants in the town. However, despite this, the ambiance of the interiors never fails to entice its guests. So, get ready to impress somebody in a different way.

So, now you know how to enjoy your New York vacations at the fullest!


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