Are you thinking of a place to visit this vacation? Dubai is a top tourist spot that you must visit. The city is filled with plenty of famous attractions like Burj Khalifa, Gold Market, Palm Island, Burj Al Arab, and Desert Safari. The city is popular among tourists because of its wonderful architecture, huge shopping malls, and fun activities for kids. One of the best and spectacular attractions in Dubai is Hatta Mountains.

We, at Phoenix Desert Safari Tours, provide you an opportunity to visit the Hatta Mountains in a ride filled with fun. Read further to know what you can do in Hatta Mountain Range.

Hatta Mountain Tour

The best way to witness the natural side of Dubai is by going on a Hatta mountain safari in Dubai. Hatta Mountain is a beautiful place that is surrounded by picturesque views. It is a great getaway from the busy life of Dubai. The safari in Hatta Mountain is a unique and special experience that you have never done before.

Our professional drivers will take you on an adrenaline and fun-filled ride in the mountainous and sandy terrains of Hatta. The scenic views of the mountain range will leave you fascinated and mesmerized. You can indulge yourself in the amazing views of the springs and valleys.

Natural Pools

We will take you to the natural and freshwater pools where you can dive in the clear water. There is no better way to refresh yourself than jumping in the cool water pools. It is a great activity that will relax you and eliminate the tiredness. The pools are naturally formed that contains fresh water.

Hatta Heritage Village

Another great that you will visit is the Hatta Village. You can learn more about the history of this wonderful city. You can witness the traditional lifestyle of Dubai. The art and architecture of this beautiful place will leave you awestruck. We will take you to the Hatta dam for taking some of the best pictures that you will cherish over.

Therefore, we offer you a wonderful opportunity to see the historical, natural and wild side of Dubai. You can have a quality time with your friends and family. We offer you various deals for you to choose. If you are in a group, it will reduce the desert safari price.

So, book your ticket today and have a once in a lifetime experience.


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