Bangalore is a city that works hard and parties harder. Once known for its being the rock music capital of India, it is now a thriving hub of startup ventures and is the reigning IT capital of the country. The city is young at heart and offers many distractions with its vibrant nightlife, adventure activities and many places to dine. The beautiful city has many parks and offers a rare peek into the architecture symbolic of the rulers of Southern India. If you plan to visit the city, make sure you not only book resorts in Bangalore and confirm your stay but also bear in mind some tips to make your stay better.

  • Book A Place

The first logical step is to book your stay in Bangalore, whether you are a backpacker or prefer luxury accommodation, Bangalore is not a place you should come with no bookings. The city is also bustling with people and finding a place to stay on the spot might be difficult due to the heavy infuse of both students and corporate visitors. For a truly magical experience, book resorts in Bangalore to experience serenity and luxury. If on a budget, it also offers hostels and budget hotels that are strewn all over the city.

  • Getting Around

When booking a place, make sure you know the area well with reference to your plan of sightseeing. Commuting within Bangalore can be quite tricky due to its infamous traffic, and you do not want to be caught in the crosshair. It is advisable to have your transportation sorted as public transportation within Bangalore can be quite daunting to the uninitiated. The city is quite huge and often easy to get lost in. Consult your maps and ask people before booking a place that may turn out to be in some obscure corner of the city.

  • What to Do?

Many hotels and resorts in and around Bangalore offer adventure activities like rock climbing, zorbing, archery, paintball and even tunnel trekking. Corporate off-sites in Bangalore tend to book most slots, and it is advisable that you book your activity in advance to ensure you do not miss out. If you want to relax, there are some wellness centres and world-class spa centres that offer massages and therapies. For a night out, it is advisable to get your reservations in advance as bars and pubs are at full capacity most of the days.

  • Study the Traffic Well

Bangalore is infamous for its standstill traffic, and many have been victims of its jams that halt the city. The good thing about the traffic is that it not peaks during specific times during the day, especially during office hours. As a tourist, you have the luxury to design your own schedule and should know which areas clog at which hours and make a conscious effort to stay away. By making sure you avoid the peak hours, you can make sure there is more experiencing and less wait in the traffic jam on your Bangalore trip.

  • Don’s Stick to City Limits

While Bangalore is an experience, there are a lot of places around Bangalore that should not be missed. The serenity of Coorg should be on your list as should the breathtaking beauty of Chikmagalur and Wayanad. A trip to the Bannerghatta National Park also promises to be an unforgettable experience. Whether you want to visit the waterfalls at Shivanasamudra or go river rafting at Dandeli or simply lounge at the Gokarna beach, make sure you do your research on places near the city.

Bangalore is a warm and spirited city which is always welcoming to the new entrants. It offers some great experiences, and one visit is never enough for all of them.


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