One of the most interesting places to visit in Africa is Kenya. That’s because the country is home to some of the most interesting wildlife on the planet. For instance, the Lion King and the Mighty elephant. But that’s not all that Kenya has to offer. In just a few words, I will give you a short brief on some of the most fascinating things about Kenya. So, stick around to find out more…

The Beautiful Maasai Culture
The Maasai are a tribe in Kenya. Even with all the influences from the West and Technological advancements, this small group of tribesmen and women have been able to retain their original cultural practices. You will easily find the Maasai even in modern towns wearing their traditional attires.
They also practice nomadic farming and their cattle is usually a show of their wealth. Trust me, the sight of these people is quite breath-taking. In Kenya, the Maasai are known for their kind heart and generosity. So, in case you ever find yourself stranded in Kenya, just ask a Maasai for directions (That’s assuming the Maasai is familiar with the English language).

Nairobi National Park
This is also something that Kenya is famous for. Actually, Nairobi National Park is one of the few national parks located in the capital city. The park is filled with different types of wildlife and adventurous activities. Here, you will find something for the whole family. The park actually houses four of the big five animals that is the lion, buffalo, rhino and leopard.
More to that, the park also has over 400 birds species that you can easily spot while taking a tour in the Bird-watching safari. Also, you can choose to take a long walk through the Nairobi Safari Walk.

The Wildebeest Migration
Have you ever had the chance to witness any of the Wonders of the World? If not, then a trip to Kenya will ensure you have that opportunity. At the heart of the Maasai Mara National Reserve, you will get to see the migration of the wildebeest all the way to Serengeti National Park in Tanzania.
These animals move to a different location in search of breeding areas and food. But their trip is not all a bed and roses. They are exposed to predators such as crocodiles and lions during their migration. It’s truly the event of the century.

Lastly, the Kenyan Cuisine
The best thing about travelling to a foreign country is getting the chance to taste foreign foods. And on that note, Kenya has some of the most delicious dishes on the planet. If you go to Kenya, you should try the Ugali and Nyama Choma dish. It’s basically a plate of maize flour and roasted meat.
Trust me, this is one thing about Kenya that you will never forget. They have an amazing way to blend the two dishes. And the presentation is simply spectacular. Other dishes include spiced rice with meat (pilau) and fish served with Ugali.


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