Gorilla trekking can be considered as one of the unique and exciting activities that you will be able to do while spending your time in Rwanda. It will provide you with a bunch of exciting memories, which you would love to experience throughout the entire journey. However, you should be aware of how to get the most out of your gorilla trek in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park, so that you will be able to enjoy your stay and walk back home with a bunch of great memories. If you keep the below mentioned tips in your mind, you will be provided an excellent assistance with that.

  • Boost up your fitness levels

It is better if you can boost up your fitness levels before you hit the gorilla treks in Rwanda. You need to keep in mind that Rwanda is a mountainous country. Therefore, you will need to go through steep hikes while getting into the natural habitats of gorillas. If your fitness levels are excellent, you will not be able to overcome all these challenges and get closer to the natural habitats of the gorillas. That’s why you need to think about boosting your fitness levels before you visit Rwanda. If you are not well, disabled or aged, you need to keep in mind that gorilla trekking in Rwanda is not the best experience available for you to go ahead and grab. That’s because it requires excellent fitness levels for a person to get closer to the gorillas in their natural habitats.

  • Do your own research about gorilla groups

It is true that you will be provided with the assistance of a tour guide while you are spending your time in Rwanda with gorilla trekking. However, you shouldn’t entirely depend on the tour guide. You will need to do your own research about the gorilla groups as well. When you are aware about all essential information, you will find it as an easy task to get a fascinating and a one of a kind experience while spending your time in the country.

  • Get the help of porters and tour guides

You will not be able to go on gorilla trekking on your own. That’s because you will need to obtain a pass to get into the jungles and hunt for gorillas. Therefore, you will come across the need to book the service offered by a tour guide. You shouldn’t wait until the last minute to book a tour guide as well. In other words, you shouldn’t book a tour guide only after you come to Rwanda. You should get in touch with a reputed service provider through the internet and book the service before you arrive in Rwanda. Then you will be able to get the service without any last minute surprises. In addition, you need to think about getting the service offered by porters as well. It will not be an easy task for you to carry the load along with you while you are travelling through the steep mountains and jungles in the country. That’s where you can get the assistance of porters in order to carry the big bags that you have. Then you will be able to make sure that you don’t get tired when getting closer to the natural habitats of the gorillas as well. This will provide an excellent opportunity for you to enjoy the sights as well.

  • Pack appropriate clothes

You will need to wear some specific clothes while traveling to Rwanda for gorilla trekking. Hence, you are strongly encouraged to wear such appropriate clothes to overcome unexpected issues. You are strongly encouraged to wear full clothes that cover your body when you are going through the mountains and jungles in Rwanda. On the other hand, you should think about wearing light clothes as much as possible. Then you will be able to put them off when it becomes got. You should also pack a rain coat because you cannot predict the weather in Rwanda. Most importantly, you will need to get hiking boots. It is never possible to get to the habitats of gorillas while wearing slippers. Hence, wearing hiking boots is a must and you should never ignore the importance of it.

  • Carry the essentials

There are few essential goods, which you need to carry along with you while you are hiking in the mountains of Rwanda. A snack and bottled drinking water holds a prominent place out of them. You will get thirsty and hungry while you are on your way to see the gorillas. Therefore, you need to carry a snack and a bottle of water. Then you need to think about carrying a hat and sunscreen along with you as well. This will help you to provide enhanced protection to your skin against the sun. It is better if you can take a small backpack along with you while you are carrying these goods. Then you will be able to take them along with you without any hassle.

  • Be careful when you behave in front of the gorillas

You should also have a clear understanding on how to behave properly while you are in front of the gorillas. You need to follow the instructions given by the tour guide carefully. There is a minimum distance that you need to keep in between you and the gorillas. You should never try to get closer to them unless you are advised by a tour guide. In addition, you need to be careful when you are capturing photos as well. You should never take pictures with the flasher on. You must always capture photos while keeping the flasher turned off. In addition, you need to be careful not to look at the gorillas directly in their eyes. You should never run away from them as well.


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