Reduce the time difference

The symptoms of jet lag can have a lasting and harmful effects of your holiday, and increase in long-distance flights means that far too many passengers were affected.

Operation of the body, the 24-hour time difference and the cycle occurs when the body does not synchronize the rhythm of your destination. In too many time zones you can cross-strait deterioration. Eastbound indeed have more impact than the time difference between the western line – the human body can easily add some of the biological rhythm of overtime a day, while traveling in the western region, rather than reduce the number of hours of the days when traveling east.

The time difference might lead to any or all of the following symptoms:

* Drowsiness and fatigue insomnia * * * Lost swollen hands and feet headache digestive tract * * * * anxiety or stress the lack of focus * * nausea and loss of appetite and dehydration.

To speed up your body to adjust itself to your new time zone, the rhythm of the body to adjust to sunlight, the dark, eating and sleeping in the new time zone, the impact on the length of time that will meet the time difference. People tend to believe that the need to restore a day for each time zone across – this is good news for passengers for a week-long holiday or business travelers on a 3-day meeting half-way around the world!

So, what can be done to minimize the effects of jet lag? The following suggestions to help you avoid the worst of the time difference and adjust your body clock very soon, probably at the same time.

  1. Drink a lot of water, avoid alcohol and caffeine, and so on. Water is the highest, but if you find difficult to drink plenty of water or simply boredom, fruit juice and herbal tea how to do.
  2. If you in the morning due to land in your destination, try to sleep during the flight. Sleep in the air inside the crowded situation is not easy, but try to deal with and are comfortable shoes. An eye and ear plugs and the engine room to help prevent distraction and to blow up the rest of the neck to add to your comfort. Even if you can not sleep the entire flight, just rest as much as possible, close your eyes and try to ’switch’.
  3. If you are due to land at night, trying to keep a clear, the whole flight. Reading books, listening to music, but try to resist the sum of sleep, and it would mean that you will be unable to sleep, time and destination of your body time to adjust the clock.
  4. Set your eyes to the destination time soon, and you on the plane and try to direct away from life. Try to eat at the right time to their destinations, rather than the starting time.
  5. Sum to reduce the impact of time zone changes gradually adjust their routine of an hour or a few days before their travel. Through an hour ago or a few days later stay up all night before, in accordance with its destination.
  6. If of the day you arrive, avoid the temptation to sleep outside with the sun – sunlight, or any, is a major factor inside reset your internal clock. If you have been exhausted, sleep restricted to 1 hour nap – Set your alarm clock or phone.
  7. If wake of Africa arrived in the evening you do not feel trapped, try a warm bath and a glass of warm milk – a natural sleep inducing.
  8. 8.Resist urged the party all night on the first day, and his wife have two great nights sleep. This should help you adjust your body clock to the destination time and make too much of a good time.


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