Do you have vacation around the corner in the works?

For those that answer yes to that question; how important is saving money on your next vacation?

Unfortunately, too many travelers end up spending way more than they need to on their trip. As a result, the trip after that could get a delay because funds now are at a premium.


So, if you want your wallet to survive your next vacation, will you put your thinking cap on to come up with ways to do it?

Look Online for Deals

One of the best resources out there for you is of course the Internet. That said are you using it to your advantage.

Many resorts, travel companies, airlines, rental car places and more have deals online. If the traveling public is willing to put in the time and effort to find discounts, they are there for the taking.

In looking online for vacation deals, go direct to the website or sites of where you plan on traveling.

As an example, does a trip to South America, Europe, Asia or even staying in North America interest you?

If so, look direct to where you want to go.

Look for a specific resort in a certain country. How about the airline that flies the most to the destination you want to visit? Also review travel companies known for landing folks in certain parts of the world. With the right online focus, your trip planning becomes all that easier.

Second, be sure you are smart when it comes to what vacation needs you will be charging to your credit card.

Remember, it can be real easy to run up a significant vacation tab on your plastic before you know it. If this happens, your vacation could be ruined when you get home and your credit card statement comes.

When you are able to pay cash for vacation expenses, by all means do it. Although it is tempting to get the credit card out for much of your trip, you will definitely pay for it down the road.

Last, shop and compare both online and when you get to your vacation destination.

With many businesses going head-to-head to earn your vacation dollars, there are deals.

An example would be when out to eat on your trip.

If you have a myriad of restaurants to choose from, there is nothing wrong with being a little selective. This will allow you to not only get a good meal, but also have some extra green left in your wallet.

Learn from Each Trip

If you are fortunate enough to be able to travel on a regular basis, learn from each of your experiences.

As an example, what time of year for you would be best to travel? That will of course does depend on several factors.

Among them:

  • Work – What kind of work schedule do you have? Is it conducive to getting away pretty much whenever you want?
  • Children – If you have children, will their school schedule get in the way of travel other than the summer? You could plan a trip over the winter holidays for you and your family.
  • Money – If you’re self-employed, do you have a time of the year when business is either booming or slow? If so, that can impact when you have enough money to get away.

In hoping your wallet survives your next vacation, be sure to plan things as far out in advance as possible.

And remember, that credit card should not be your go-to buddy over and over again.


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