No matter where you live in the world, the city of Las Vegas is always evergreen. It is associated with fun and lights and gambling. It’s a perfect spot for a bachelor party or a birthday, a family vacation, or a weekend getaway.

My eventful holiday weekend in Las Vegas started at the Pittsburgh airport. I found a very smart way to park safely using Pittsburgh airport parking. The car safely stashed with Pittsburgh airport parking, the trip was now all set to begin. Barren hills and the desert greet you as you make your way to the largest city in the state of Nevada. Of course, Las Vegas is known for the Strip- a glitzy, shining road that all the resorts call home. Fountains, replicas of famous world monuments, rows and rows of lights- you name it, it’s all there. Regardless of whether you stay in one of these hotels or not, you can take in the sights on the long two-and-a-half-mile long walk. Hotels put up a show too, from working models of volcanoes to fountains that seem to touch the sky.

You can take in the New York skyline, the Eiffel Tower, Venice, and its gondola rides, all in Las Vegas!

If you’d like a bird’s eye view of Las Vegas, get up to the 550 feet high High Roller Ferris wheel. Sit in one of the cabins and start your slow climb to the top. You have a leisurely half an hour to take in all the sights. A piece of advice- try to do the trip at nighttime- the view of the city on shining display is spectacular.

Las Vegas is all about fast living and fun. It’s not only in the casinos but also out on the way. The Las Vegas Motor Speedway, that is. This 1200 acre complex hosts many racing tracks, restaurants, and camping options too. The Speedway is famous for its NASCAR races. If you’re a speed demon, spending a day here will be a true pleasure trip.

If you’re looking for a natural marvel, take a boat or chopper ride at the Hoover Dam or the Grand Canyon. The Red Rock Canyon is also a beautiful sightseeing experience.  Staying with nature, a trip to the Las Vegas Natural History Museum is a good idea. Affiliated to the Smithsonian Museum, this venue is popular for many reasons, including as a birthday party venue! Whether it’s Egypt or the rainforest, dinosaurs, or marine life, you can find everything here.

You can also get everywhere, thanks to the Monorail. Walking may be tiring or even difficult after all the indulgence! Step into the monorail and get down at any of the seven stations closest to where you need to go. Some hotels offer connecting trains, so please check that out.

Las Vegas is also home to the ‘tallest freestanding observation tower in the USA,’ the Stratosphere Tower. It’s at a staggering 1,1,49 feet and is a venue of many crazy rides, including the aptly-titled Insanity and X-Scream. For something less taxing, take a walk along Fremont Street and enjoy some great music and shows.

Before you know it, the weekend is over but the memories stay for a long time.


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