Driving your own adventure through unique and sensational national parks in East Africa with great 4×4 cars is one among the amazing things to do during your African safari. Just imagine the thrills of waking up in your own private camp, encountering nature’s habitat on your own, and discovering secluded locations in the heart of the African Bush courtesy of self-drive car hire with a local agency.

The best self-drive 4×4 car hire options for self-drive tours in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, and Tanzania are the Toyota Land Cruiser (Prado or Hardtop), 4×4 Toyota Rav4, Toyota Hiace or super custom for families and Toyota Hilux Dual Cab. These cars have a great track record and are the most capable and enduring for a 4×4 self-drive in the wild.

East Africa represents Africa’s beauty with a wide number of untamed wildlife reserves that attracts many tourists all over the world. In Uganda and Rwanda, we find the only world’s last remaining population of the critically endangered mountain gorillas, inhabited in Volcanoes National Park (Rwanda), Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, and Mgahinga National park in Uganda.  Kenya and Tanzania are famous for the wildebeest migration that attracts thousands of Visitors into Masai Mara National Park in Kenya and Serengeti National Park in Tanzania.

Self Drive in Kenya

Everyone feels the call of the wild at some point in their life. Getting out for a safari in East Africa is one of the best ways to interact with nature, wildlife, and really reconnect with your primal self. Have you ever considered through a safari without a guide? Embarking on a safari self-guided is a great way to divert from the beaten path and discover hidden watering holes and savannahs that are not usually explored by tour groups.

Touring in a group has its advantages, but this method is sometimes a bit crowded and you don’t have the freedom to do what you want when you want. Here are some Self-drive guides that are really going to help you to have a safe and amazing experience.

Tips to Renting a Car in East Africa

Choose the car that suits you and not the other way around

Something very common in car rentals is to only look at the price. While price is very important, and with several offers on the table we go for the cheapest one or the one we always dreamed of driving. But either option is a mistake because the vehicle should give you a ride that you feel comfortable in.

In any case, practice responsible tourism and think about your trip, your accommodation, your rental car and everything that makes this planet and ourselves better.

Pay special attention to the company’s fuel policy

We are going to spend fuel during the whole trip, but we cannot know how much, so we have to analyze the company’s policy, whether we will return the tank full or not, whether we will find it full or not, etc.

When to rent a car

Rental cars are normally located at train stations, airports and other places where passengers arrive. Whenever possible, rent your car in advance. It is important to take the time to read all the conditions, and it is more than likely that you will get a better price.

Rental and pick-up locations, as well as where to return the vehicle

More important than where you are going to have the holiday of a lifetime, you must think about where you have to pick up the vehicle and where to drop it off. These two points are very important, since the company you have chosen must have delivery and pick-up points at these locations.


Insurance is the eternal companion of travel because bad things do happen, so it is best not to think of it as an enemy or an extra that makes the trip more expensive, but something that makes any hitch in your plans just that, a minor issue, and that the insurance will take care of everything. 

There are extras in the vehicle rental

Yes, some companies include extras that can be an unpleasant surprise that you did not count on when renting a car for your trip. That is why it is necessary to check the contract or the offer closely, to prevent the small print from giving you a surprise.

Look for rentals with free cancellation

One form of insurance not to lose money is free cancellation, in case some mishap prevents us from renting the vehicle. This is why, although it tends to raise the price a little, it is a good option to avoid future problems when renting a car for your trip. If your trip is a long one, take advantage of the offers for this type of rental

As we have been saying from the start, the car and the company must be adapted to your needs, and there are many companies that offer special prices for those who travel for a long period of time such as going round Europe by car, where a long term option is sure to improve the price. 


Book a very reliable car hire in East Africa and explore all the hidden treasures of East Africa in a self-guided self-drive adventure. If you are adventurous spirit and don’t mind exploring new territories on your own, then self-drive safaris might be right up your alley. When you are ready to really experience the wild, there is no better way to do it than on your own.


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