St. Kitts is another island destination that you can include in your next cheap Caribbean trips. Look here for more ideas! Its formal name is St. Christopher but no one does bother to call it by that name anymore.

There are simple pleasures that budget travelers will enjoy doing during their visit in this tropical paradise. Visit the Caribelle Batik which was a former sugar plantation and find the one of the most picturesque gardens in the region. It is here that you will have a chance to see batik artists at work and have the chance to purchase a few items as souvenir. Have a photo shoot at the Brimstone Hill Fortress which commands a great view of St. Kitts and the nearby islands. For $8 USD entrance fee, you will see the well-preserved cannons and barracks that tell of the strategic importance of this location. Marvel at the rugged coastline of Dieppe Bay known as the Black Rocks which are rocks pushed to the sea after a volcanic eruption.

The scenery here is just awesome so it is a good idea to include it in the itinerary of your next cheap Caribbean trips. Saturday is a busy day on Basseterre for it is Market Day where people congregate do their shopping and selling. Walk around the market and marvel at the stunning produce being offered by farmers and wonderful artwork by local artisans. Have a taste of the local life by partaking of the food stuff that are being sold like stews and barbecue. You will learn more about St. Kitts and its way of life by spending time in this area during Market Day.

St. Kitts is definitely a budget travelers paradise and be sure to include it on your places to see for your next cheap Caribbean trips.


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