Various travel guides have come to concur that renting a car is a worthwhile and economical way for groups to explore the beauty and natural endowment of Uganda with very many describing it as the best way to enjoy especially the rural Uganda. Many people thing that renting a car in Uganda is somewhat similar to renting in the developed world, however this is a different story! Like most of the other African countries, the business of renting a car is a new idea. Also, the highways of Uganda pose their own special set of challenges that an intrepid driver should be aware of.The purpose of this writing is to identify you the best and eminent steps that one must undertake and follow so as to have a hassle free car hire process;

Step 1

Consult with your auto insurance company and your credit card company regarding the insurance terms extended to car rentals in Uganda. Your existing auto insurance policy may cover international rentals (in which case it should include Uganda), and your credit card company should extend some coverage to any car rented with the card. But in particular car hire companies in Uganda, their insurance is always comprehensive in that it covers the car irrespective of its occupants and their belongings thus clients must move with their personal insurances.

Step 2

Ask rental car agencies in Uganda, either by e-mail or calling them directly, about their insurance programs and supplementary insurance in particular. Uganda has one of the highest traffic fatality rates in the Africa majorly due to the reckless drivers around the country and the poor condition of most roads especially those connecting the remote areas and upcountry where most tourist attractions are located, so this is a place where you want strong collision and personal accident coverage.

Step 3

Bring a valid proof of insurance if any of the drivers listed for the rental car is between the ages of 18 and 20. Print up documents regarding any private insurance from outside the rental agency to prove that you have it, especially in the case of younger drivers, which will necessitate a formal document from the insurance agency.

Step 4

Ask for a Letter of Authority from the rental car agency if you intend to drive the car over international borders and out of Uganda as you will not be around to get out of Uganda with its registered vehicle without proper authorizing documents from its owner.

Step 5

Appear at the rental car agency, present your driver’s license, request whatever additional insurance you want, fill out the forms and leave your credit card imprint, just as you would at home.


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