If you have dreams of travelling the world, you’re probably putting them off due to costly flights, accommodation, meals and activities. The thought of spending all that money can be very daunting so it’s understandable that you would feel that way. But what if we told you you could travel the world for free? We’re not making any sudden statements, but here we’ll discuss if you could really do it with no cost to you whatsoever. Some suggestions may be a bit out of your comfort zone, but hey, if you can travel the world for free then why wouldn’t you try it?!

Pillow Fighting

This suggestion might seem a bit out there, but believe it or not it could earn you enough money to take your first flight! A traveller named Michael Wigg came up with the concept for this idea and he says it gave him the money to fly to Costa Rica.

All you need to start this up is two fluffy pillows and maybe a couple of wingmen. Find a place to set up your venture and offer people to hit you in the face with pillows, for a small fee. Perhaps let them beat you with the pillow if they offer more money! You could even allow two people to engage in a pillow battle, while you referee. When Michael Wigg tried this he had people queuing up to have a go! Not only will you become a pillow fighting master, you could earn enough money to take a flight with absolutely no cost to you.

If pillow fighting isn’t your thing, perhaps come up with your own business model. You could go to a car boot sale and sell all of your old stuff, or even get creative and make things to sell such as sock bunnies.

Offer To Work As A Porter

Many places all over the world such as the Himalayas and the Andes have hiking agencies who welcome strong and enthusiastic workers who want to work for free. A hike through one of these places would normally cost you an arm and a leg, so why not offer your services as a helping hand carrying people’s belongings? You’ll need to convince the agency that you’re strong as an ox, dedicated and a reliable resource. Once you’ve done that you could be hiking your way around a location you’ve dreamed of visiting, with only the small burden of helping to carry belongings. This is a small price to pay to take that special hike, just make sure you do some physical preparation first otherwise you could find it difficult keeping up with the locals!

Earning Your Food And Drink

If you want to live for free, you’re going to have to do some unconventional things. One idea that has been tried and tested with successful results is offering your services as a human settee. if you’re in a busy place where tourists and locals may need to sit down, then you can start right away. Simply get on all fours and write a sign out offering passers by to have a rest on you, “the human settee”. Crazy, but it can work!


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