Are you thinking about a trip to Walt Disney World? If so there are some things that you need to know in order to get the most out of your trip.

  1. Be early, when you get an early start you beat the crowds to your favorite rides. It is wise to know the operating hours of the park you are visiting.
  2. Stay on property to take advantage of “Magic Hours,” early admittance to a select park.
  3. Download the official Walt Disney World smartphone app to help navigate wait times.
  4. Do what the other guests don’t, by that I mean don’t plan to eat your meals at the same time as everyone else, take an early/late lunch and dinner.
  5. Plan your day by taking advantage of priority seating; you will save time by doing this.
  6. Shop early, you do not want to be shopping on Main Street U.S.A. an hour before closing.
  7. Enter the park early and head to the back of the park and work your way forward.
  8. Go to the left, most people are right handed and tend to go to the right. So, you go to the left and avoid the crowds.
  9. Use the fastpass! This is a great invention and saves time.
  10. Do not go to the park that offers early entry, everyone else is going there also.
  11. Everyone goes to Magic Kingdom on Monday; consider visiting another park that day.
  12. If you are not interested in the parades take this opportunity to get on a normally busy ride.
  13. Use the Walt Disney World Railroad to move quickly around Magic Kingdom.
  14. When entering EPCOT avoid Spaceship Earth first thing, it will be less crowed later in the evening.
  15. Use the singles line when riding Test Track in EPCOT
  16. Get a fastpass for Soaring as soon as possible
  17. When visiting the counties in EPCOT go clockwise, most of the guests will go counter clockwise.
  18. Get seats for Illuminations in EPCOT at least one hour before the show, if you are not interested in seeing the show take this opportunity to get on some otherwise crowded rides.
  19. When visiting The Disney MGM/Studios head straight for the Rockin’ Roller Coaster and the Tower of Terror they will fill up fast, if not get a fastpass.
  20. Save the Indiana Stunt Spectacular for the evening the effects are much better
  21. Fantasmic is a wonderful show in MGM Studios, don’t miss this. If you have a choice, choose a later show as they are less crowded.
  22. Have your early dinner at Hollywood and Vine or the Brown Derby and you will get special seating to that night’s Fantasmic show.
  23. Get to Animal Kingdom early and don’t plan to do this park in one day. Mornings are the best time to visit this park
  24. Make reservations for the Rainforest Café for lunch
  25. Divide the park in half and plan to do half one morning and half another morning.
  26. Make sure you get to the Dinosaur ride early because it fills up quickly, or get a fastpass.
  27. Kilimanjaro Safari is an excellent ride you will not want to miss, do it as early as possible and use a fastpass.
  28. Try to do It’s Tough to Be a Bug around mid-day and use a fastpass if available.
  29. Bring a snack and a water bottle to the parks.

Walt Disney World is an ever changing experience; you will see something new every time you go!


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