What constitute as a long-haul flight? For me, any flight that takes longer than 6 hours is considered as long-haul.

So what are they?

1. Toothbrush kit

While many major airlines will provide you with toothbrush kit, but it’s always good to carry your own which has softer bristles and your preferred toothpaste. It’s going to be handy as well for the duration of your trip where you want to spend your entire day outside.

2. Spare underwear

I usually bring one or two underwears and if necessary a bra as well. It’s always good to wake up from the uncomfortable night’s sleep and change into a fresh pair of underwear. Also, UTI (Urinary Tract Infections) is common with people on holiday because they sometimes neglect their feminine hygiene.

3. A set of clean attire

Go into the plane with a comfortable shirt that you can sleep in, but make sure that you have at least a clean top to change into the next morning before you get off from the plane. It’s not always necessary to change into a new top, but sometimes it’s a good idea and it always comes in handy to have a spare top (at least) inside the cabin bag. Just in case.

4. Wet tissue or powder sheet

Yes, you will not hear the end of my obsession with Biore Sara Sara powder sheet. It’s so convenient! You have one with a refreshing scent that leaves your skin clean and smelling so fresh. I apply a layer of body lotion afterward to keep my skin hydrated, because high latitude is evil for the skin!

5. Makeup kit

Of course it’s one thing that we women never forget to bring. To rehydrate my skin after hours inside the plane I usually use Menard Beauness Facial Spa that is so simple, I just need to spray it around 15 cm from my face and leave it to dry. Afterward, I will brush a veil of powder foundation, a bit of pink blush and lip gloss. Et voila, I’m ready for my next adventure


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