Luggage is probably the most under appreciated item we use when traveling. Often luggage is not thought of till the last minute before leaving on a trip and if anything goes wrong with your luggage your trip could become quite difficult if not ruined all together. Here are a few tips to help make your traveling successful:
– Place you name and destination details on and inside your bag(s)
– Make sure all items in your baggage is accessible since all luggage is subject to inspection
– Travel light and use only carry-on bag(usually up to 2 bags) when ever possible
– Don’t over pack, this puts extra stress on your luggage and more susceptible to damage
– Make sure your bags don’t have hooks or straps loose or exposed that could caught on anything
– Pack valuable items in your carry-on bags
– Double pack anything that could leak in leak resistant containers
– Stay withing the transporter’s baggage allowance
– Know the rules and restrictions of your baggage when traveling

For those who are looking for new traveling luggage, here are some tips for when buying luggage:

  • Travel demands – if you are a causal traveler less expensive more fashionable luggage could server your traveling luggage needs for quite some time. If you travel extensively having durable and reliable luggage is certainly worth the additional costs.
  • Travel usage – buy luggage that best fits the way you travel, for example, if your trips usually overnight getting a well organized and optimized carry-on bag can help with packing and with checking-in and stowing. On the over hand, for extended traveling make sure you have luggage with lots of extra room for packing items collected along the way.
  • Plan for just-in-case – consider an extra small carry-on bag for the “must not loose items”, it’s a little safer to not pack everything in one huge suitcase.
  • Know warranty – luggage warranties vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, compare what types of luggage damage are covered and for how long.


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