It’s always exciting to make up your mind and visit a particular destination in the world especially that of your dream. Many people are thinking of the same today despite the real life experiences that every traveler tastes during the planning Stage. After having a great chat with various travelers on different tours, here is a list of things that most travelers have experienced.

How Many Days to Spend in Each Place

Many feel stressed and missing a lot of places and things to do with in the limited time flame plus budget after booking their flights. This is common when one want to cover a couple of countries in one big trip or multiple safari destinations. So to make it work skip the least loved places and tour activities and allocate enough time to favorite places on your trip taking into account the length of your vacation. I guess this will be one of your favorite vacations in life.

Trick to Travel with Someone

Vacations would have been very easy to manage once you make research and start planning quite early but the tricky part comes down when you decide to travel with someone else. Figuring out how to split expenses and timing purchases so that you on the same flight /sit together is really a hassle. However sole travel is expensive but somehow the best way to do everything your way. Alternatively start the planning processes together as a team and end it still as a team.

Crazy Itineraries

This is experienced when travelers try squeezing everything in one visit due to making too much research, tight schedules or limited travel budget. A lot is always planned from home forgetting the real picture of tourist attractions, distance between them, connectivity, weather and possible number of days needed to explore each destination. Every traveler should share their trip itinerary and plan with local tour company to ensure that nothing changes upon arrival because an itinerary may sound interesting but not applicable in the real sense. Some times what looks good becomes worst trip based on tiredness ending up with a different itinerary totally different from the original.


From shopping for the right items to what not to pack and in which order many travelers find it difficult to make right packing list for their trips even after being advised by friends and other travel blog posts and tips online. However having less staff make your trip more flexible and you can live with your trip excitements. If you can afford to hire some tour activity items on ground better that way and avoid carrying a lot of luggage from home. Those planning private safari tours with tour operators make it a point to request for the general trip pack list and follow just that.

Tourist Visa

Not every country you visit require one having a tourist visa but those that require them make it a point that every foreign visitor to the country should have one that acts as a gate pass to the country. Many have had issues in getting tourist visas before setting off for their trips which are a common scenario in all corners of the world. However those planning to visit Africa, you can get a tourist visa upon arrival at the international airport at a fare cost which is always valid for a period of 90 days. Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, south Africa are one of them but get more detailed information from your tour consultant.


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