Hiring a car in Uganda in 2021 for driver guided safaris or self-drive tour offers the best alternative for you to discover this splendid East African destination your way. Rental cars have become the most used mode of getting around Uganda and East Africa in 2021 considering the existence of COVID-19.

A number of car hire companies with varied rental cars exist in Kampala, Entebbe and other towns making it easier for you find a car that fits your Uganda safari holiday. Prior arrangements for a Uganda car hire make sure that you take note of the following factors.

Travel in a sanitized rental car

Before you set off, make sure that the rental car that plan to use for your Uganda safari is fully sanitized. This applies to whether you plan to undertake a self-drive or driver guided trip. COVID-19 is still here and all travelers are required to be keen. This is to ensure that you keep safe while enjoying your Uganda tour in the Uganda National Park, Reserves or other magical tourist sites.

The car should be serviced

The rental car you plan to get on Uganda road trip should be fully serviced and in its best mechanical condition. Traveling to remote side of Uganda for a holiday can be challenging if your car gets mechanical issue or any breakdown, finding serviced points or mechanical experts won’t be easy.

Be aware-different rental cars cost differently

The rates of rental cars in Uganda are usually set depending on their model, capabilities and models. Remarkably, dealing with us for car hire services, is of a great advantage as you have variety of options to choose the best rental car for your road trip. Our fleet of Uganda rental cars include Safari Vans, Toyota Rav4, Land Cruisers with pop up, rooftop tents & camping gear, Nissan Patrol, Super Custom etc.

Comprehensive insurance

When choosing your ride for Uganda safari, make sure that the one you plan to book is comprehensively insured. The comprehensively insured rental cars save you from costs you didn’t plan for-they cover all accidents/unforeseen circumstances. Make sure that you ask your car hire expert for this upfront to be certain if your rental car is comprehensively insured or not. However, this kind of insurance has its own limits, that is, it covers damages up to some amount and if in case there is an additional cost, a client incurs.

Be aware of the fuel type your rental car uses

If you plan to go self-drive in Uganda, make sure that you are certain about the fuel type your rental car uses. Get to know if it is diesel or petrol engine to avoid confusion at the fuel station. You can as well remind the fuel attendant of the fuel type your car takes because some of the attendants could be new workers.

Hire a driver for your road trip

Not familiar about Uganda? Renting a car with a professional is the best option to have a smooth and safe Uganda road trip when you aren’t familiar about the routes and Uganda’s tourist sites. You realize that some routes have poor road network or even internet network making access a little challenging. Also, most Uganda National Park have several entry points and the guides know which route to take to access particular park gate.


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