What to know before hailing a cab?

Taxis offer a convenient way of reaching your destination.

You need not transfer to another vehicle. You can move from point A to B while sitting comfortably. But nowadays riding a taxi no longer comes that easy.

Caution must be exercised especially for students traveling abroad.

Think about this. Your safety isn’t 100 percent guaranteed when you’re traveling in your country. How much worse could a case get when you’re abroad?

Let’s talk about few safety tip when hiring cabs. Students, listen.

Hire legit Taxi service

Hire only legit cabs.

It’s easy to tell that you’re not from the place. Speaking another language and having different physical features than the rest make you a target client of cab drivers. They assume you can use their help locating a place.

Fake cab drivers consider the same premise too. Be careful when looking for cabs to hire.

Check the cab’s company number on the vehicle’s exterior. Real taxis would take every opportunity there is to advertise their services. You should as well find a similar number posted inside the vehicle. When a contact number is nowhere in sight, then it is best that you say pass. Move on to the next one.

Do not get in the cab just because you see there’s a meter. Unless it’s turned on, then you can give it a go.

Another clue that will help tell the cab is legit is when the driver has a radio that is working. Company cabs use this device to stay connected to their drivers, and for the drivers to interact with each other when necessary.

check for cab safety

Beware of the driver.

Observe the driver’s behavior when deciding whether to trust the person or not.

When they are stuttering, their hands are shaking and more so when they smell unpleasant, then politely say no. Chances are they are drunk or under the influence of harmful substances.

You will find a decent-looking cab driver so do not hesitate look into other options.

Be smart though. Even good-looking strangers can turn out to be perpetrators.

Look for IDs or driver’s license. You should be talking to the same person you see in the photo. Ask as well about the destination. If they seem clueless, then move on. Cab drivers should be there to help you. If they are uncertain about your destination then they wouldn’t be able to offer you assistance.

Know your destination before getting into any taxi cab

Study your destination.

Do your homework.

Conduct research on landmarks you are supposed to see when going to a place, as well as the average fare. This shall help you feel secured when hiring a cab.

You have clues whether you are going to the right direction. You also avoid being charged more than the necessary. In cases like this, you can get off the cab and hand the driver the fair fare according to your research.

Stay alert.

If I am to write my essay say for a competition, then I wouldn’t show my drafts to competitors. In the same vein, you need not show your wallet to the cab driver.

Keep small bills in your pockets to avoid inconveniences when waiting for your change.

Also, pay attention to your surroundings. Doors in the cab should be working, and locked while you are traveling.

When parts of the car seem to be falling apart or when the cab itself stinks, then say no to the driver. An entrepreneur would always want his product presentable. You cannot trust a driver who is unable to take care of his cab.


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