Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo are the few gifted countries in the world to host the endangered remaining mountain gorillas, and there are four national parks where tracking these apes are done, in Uganda mountain gorillas are found in the rain forest of Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga gorilla forest national park both located in the south western part of the country, in Rwanda they are tracked in the forests of volcanoes national park in the north western part of Rwanda and in the democratic republic of Congo, tracking is done in the Virunga national park north east of Congo.

Mountain Gorilla tracking activities is incomparable and its known as the best done interesting adventurous activity on earth as it involves moving deep into the forest and sit among these endangered apes for only one hour while observing and studding their behaviors as well as taking as many photos as possible.

Many gorilla families are ready for tracking in each country; thanks should go to the ranger guides who monitor these apes on the daily basis, the local communities near the gorilla parks for the effort they have put in to stop poaching activities and the tourism industry in general for conserving these apes. In Uganda there are 11 habituated gorilla families and 2 gorilla families are reserved for research purposes. Rwanda has 10 gorilla families and 2 gorilla groups for research only; Democratic Republic of Congo has 7 gorilla gorillas although many trackers in Congo prefer tracking in 5 groups. Eight members who have fully paid the park dues including gorilla permits are only allowed to track in each gorilla family.

Gorilla tracking is the most expensive tourist activity in all these countries but however it’s known as the most done tourist activity, over 70% of travelers on average come purposely to see these apes in their natural habitat hence generating a lot of revenue to these countries and the wellbeing of the local community have been improved particularly to those who live near the park, as a percentage goes to them to build infrastructures in their communities. Gorilla tracking in all these three countries begins early in the morning before 7; 30 after reporting at the park headquarters for short briefings about gorillas tracking and also get assigned to the ranger guide. Depending on gorilla family but usually gorilla tracking lasts from a half to full day as meeting them depends on where they spent their last night from and ounce they are met one hour is only allowed to stay with them while taking phots as well as observing their behaviors. Only mountain gorillas can only be seen in their natural habitat not zoos/captivity like other wildlife.

Where to go for gorilla tracking

Many trackers prefer tracking in Uganda and Rwanda, Uganda is known for housing the highest percentage of these remaining apes over 900 estimated mountain gorillas left in the world, Uganda hosts almost a half of these gorillas over 400 live in bwindi and Mgahinga gorilla forest national park. Many trackers to Uganda prefer tracking in bwind national park as gorillas in bwind are ever present at the park and tracking them is done on daily basis. Mgahinga gorillas are unpredictable as the leader of the group (Nykagezi gorilla group) likes adventure, the group cross borders to Rwanda and DRC so tracking in this family requires prior knowing of group availability before booking tracking in this family.

Tracking both in bwindi and Mgahinga national park is at USD 600 in the high season and 350 USD during the low season of April, May and November, and those who prefer long distance full of adventure Uganda is the best 7-9 hours from the capital Kampala to Bwindi.

Rwanda is nest to Uganda in housing the highest percentage of these animals over 360 individuals live in Volcanoes national park and Rwanda is known as the best gorilla safari destination in the world. For those looking for short gorilla safaris Rwanda offers the best only 2-3 hours from the capital Kigali to kinigi park headquarters. Rwanda permits are at fee of 700 USD per person including park entry fee and a ranger guide fee

Tracking gorillas in DR. Congo is now very possible, the country was considered unstable but now it is steadily becoming stable and gorillas can be tracked safely in their natural habitat in the Virunga national park, apparently there are only five habituated gorilla groups ready to receive visitors each day. Congo gorilla permits are sold at 400 USD per person



You can book with us one of the following gorilla safari, the experience won’t live you the same

1 Day gorilla tracking Rwanda Gorilla

2 Days Rwanda Gorilla Trek

3 Days Bwindi Gorilla Safari

3 Days Rwanda Gorilla and Culture

4 Days Double Gorilla Trekking

You can combine gorilla safari with other adventurous activities like wildlife, chimpanzee, birding, white water rafting at the source of the Nile, however depending on your interest, you can do gorilla tracking twice you can start with Rwanda and then Uganda or vice versa. Like 5 days Uganda and Rwanda gorilla trekking/ tracking safari, 7 days Rwanda and Uganda gorilla safari among others which can make your gorilla tracking safari in Africa a memorable one. Still you can track in Rwanda and Congo. Just book with us we shall take where you cannot reach by your self


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