The best significance of a self-drive safari is the possibility of experiencing the flexibility of highest order from when traveling. The potential to explore the beauty with limited restrictions and barriers makes a self-drive more applicable than a guided trip. Most of the traveler desire to go for further reaches, and explore their heart’s desires.

Get a 4×4 car rental and drive Uganda to explore all largest cities, and reach even to the smallest village. Set your travel space, and have your unchallenged driving pace. Self-drive means all things are on you and only you need to have is that perfect rental.

Because Uganda is the beautiful land, natural gifted with amazing natural wonders. These have always suggest the spot for travelers aiming at exploring this beautiful land. And good news is that a self-drive in Uganda is not limited to mileage driving like it appears in Kenya and Tanzania. When you hire these stronger 4×4 customized cruisers, then you’re able to drive anywhere provided you gave an inch to your rental agency.

What does unlimited mileage means?

Unlimited mileage is driving tongue, this means you can drive anywhere many miles and finds no extra charges. This always used in the car rental operation where when you hire a car you remain free to drive all miles you feel like a day. When renting a car in Uganda, particularly for self-drive, then you find out that you need to have worry about driving restriction especially with mileage to cover.

Car rental operators have stated in their rental policies as there is no restriction on mileage. This only possible with rental operators dealing with safari rentals and then have an assurance of many issue. If feel like you want a round circuit trip that make a reach to almost all top tourist destinations in Uganda. Have a rental to handle this amazing encounter.

Does unlimited mileage possible on a self-drive in Uganda?

It’s highly possible, all vehicle available for self-drive are hulks of all nature of terrain across the country. Hire a 4×4 safari customized vehicle and experience all corners of Uganda. Among the fleets you can choose from include; 4×4 land cruiser series of Prado TX, VX, V8, GX, Nissan Patrol, Land Rover defender and safari land cruiser 70 series which are available in 5 sitters and land cruise extended, the 4×4 safari vans. All are greater deals for unlimited mileage driving on a self-drive in Uganda.

Assurance for unlimited mileage on a self-drive in Uganda

There assurance that even if you take the unlimited mileage there is back-up in case of anything awkward happening. There is much promise for why should not worry, mechanical help can be received from anywhere across the country in the very possible early time. And even where replacement is required still in the space of 24 hours replacement assurance is there. Let you plane and take this special unlimited mileage drive without fear.

Best time for a self-drive on unlimited mileage in Uganda

All time is okay, when are opting to drive in Uganda? All is possible provided you have that suitable vehicle. However, the dry months are more preferable for many travelers, and this has statured to be the peak season of traveling to Uganda. The dry season is experienced in the months of December, January and February, and another experienced in the months of June July to August. These months experience low rates of rain and sometimes even no rain to some areas like northern Uganda. These have always been the best cruising months of which you can even experience limited road challenges.

Best routes to take on a self-drive in Uganda

For your unlimited mileage self-drive in Uganda we bring you close to nature by just suggesting you one of the best route to drive. Considerably, these are safari rewarding routes of which you can even make your adventure choice.

The round circuit route; this start from Kampala and makes a circle through Jinja experience the Nile adrenaline rewards of rafting, bungee jumping, source of the Nile cruise. It continues through the amazing Sipi falls trek, and continues through the untamed Pian Upe game reserve, experience the Karamoja cultural like in Moroto. Go Africa’s remotest park of Kidepo National Park, watch the world’s most powerful waterfalls, and this route suggests the big five in Uganda. Chimpanzee tracking of Kibale, tree climbing lion encounters at Queen Elizabeth NP, and gorilla trekking at Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

The Northwestern Route; this rewards with Big five games, the drive starts from Kampala to Ziwa combined with Murchison Falls National Park, track chimpanzee of Kibale, tree climbing lions and Kazinga boat cruise at Queen Elizabeth, and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park to trek the mountain gorillas. It can also be extended with a remarkable Rwanda Self-drive adventure to visit the city and other attractions in the country.

The Western route; this is the gorilla route which rewards with a lot of wildlife and amazing other encounters like volcanos hiking, golden monkey tracking, visiting Lake Bunyonyi, and finding the tree climbing lions. Actually the western route can as well contain the chimpanzee tracking from Kibale National Park.


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