At times things go wrong unexpectedly. It is a stressful moment imagine after the long time you spent in the air to land at your destination airport, then combine with the several hours of waiting to get cleared or perhaps claim your bags. It is such a tiring moment that it can be worsened with car pick up.

Yes, there are situations when some companies tend to take advantage of travelers’ states. Knowing very well what you went through to get into the country then at last minute of picking up your ride, you realize it is not the car you booked. Or, at times the car hire has issues like punctures or while driving, you experience breakdowns and collisions. While these cases are rare, they often happen and what is important is for you not to start panicking.

In case of puncture

budget car rental ugandaIn any case when you get a puncture in your Uganda car rental, please don’t continue driving it. Immediately you notice this, find a safe place to park. Continuing a vehicle with a puncture means you will be causing damage to the tire, wheel rims and suspension.

In case there is a spare wheel, then confidently spare some time and have it changed immediately. With a quick swap available, you can begin your journey again. It is also a good thing to inform your car hire service provider of the issue or if there is no spare, the company can find an alternative to have your trip continue. Please alway check the car at pick up if it has a spare wheel/tire and tools such as a jack and wheel spanner that will help you change a flat tire in case of it. Please ensure to repair the flat tire at any gas station you land at and this costs between Shs5000 to Shs8000.

You can also make the best of the company breakdown assistance. As a reputable car hire company, tested and experienced, we have 24/7 road assistance and we are a call away to have you helped. Before setting off to your destination on a self-drive tour say Murchison Falls National Park or Bwindi Forest Park on an African self-drive gorilla safari holiday, ensure that you leave with contact details. This should be done at the time when you will be picking up the car.

In case you are charged for the puncture, depending on your level of insurance, it is possible to apply for reimbursement on arrival back home.

Warning lights on the dashboard

warning lightsWhen you find yourself in this state, there is no need to panic. Get yourself in a safe location and have the issue worked out. With most modern cars, it is possible to ascertain what the warning lights do communicate. You may panic when the issue is with low washer fluid and in case it is something a little serious, then have it fixed. You may contact the Uganda car hire company for breakdown assistance or another alternative can be provided.

Cracked windscreen

At times you can’t tell when a stone may hit the windscreen and you find yourself in such a moment. First things first, find out the extent of the damage, cross-check if the chip has not extended and damaged the windscreen deeply. If the damage is heavy, do not continue driving. It is always essential to be in touch with the company team such that you do not suffer a lot as replacements can be made.

The car isn’t working

At times, you can find yourself stuck in the middle of the road and you cause traffic jam from nowhere. Where you cannot find yourself to a safe parking, ensure that you have the hazard lights on and this should be done while you are in a safe point before you make any call for assistance.

Road accidents

Often, road accidents occur unpredictably. It is an intimidating moment being there on a road trip with such a scenario. Take pictures of the vehicle, the 3rd party involved plus their details. This should be first before you make a call back to the car rental company offices to let them know of the issue at hand.

In conclusion, no one knows what can happen while on a road trip. Expect anything but also exercise maximum caution when driving and observe safety tips such that you have a smooth trip to and from your favorite destination. For all comfortable rental cars for Uganda safaris, simply reach out to our team.


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