If traveling is your thing, then a rental car in Uganda is worthy booking for your in-depth exploration and experience in the Pearl of Africa on your next Uganda safari holiday! Finding your dream rental car in Uganda may seem challenging considering hundreds of car hire agencies or companies that are all over the country. However, none of them beats our car rental services when it comes to Uganda safaris to any destination.

When it comes to car hire services in Uganda, we are the best! We offer a range of rental cars and they are reliable, pocket-friendly, comfortable, safe to use at any destination while on Uganda safari holiday-regardless of the terrains. Our rental cars aren’t only suitable for guided tours but they are also excellent for self-drive safaris.

Here are our best rental cars in Uganda

Toyota Rav4

When it comes to traveling in Uganda, Toyota Rav4 is never left out. It is one excellent recreational active vehicle, available in 4×4 wheel drive with capacity to navigate through the remotest part of Uganda. It is one of the best budget choices to make while on Uganda safaris to national parks, business tour, city tour, family picnics, events and conference meetings.

The advantage Toyota Rav4 rental has over other rental cars is that it is compact in size and fully equipped with essential features. The features that come with Rav4 range from CD player, FM radio, adequate space not only for travelers to relax their legs but also for their cargo. It also comes with air conditioner and accommodates up to 5 people.

Safari Land Cruiser

4×4 Safari Land Cruisers are perfect for safari-goers who are interested in off-beaten track safari tours or camping tours in Uganda. We have the best full-time 4×4 Safari Land Cruisers for hire suitably for all your travel needs while on Uganda safaris. Our rental Safari Land Cruisers are built with several necessary features to make your road trip exciting and comfortable. The features that come with our affordable Safari Land Cruisers include MP3/CD player, pop-up roof, air conditioner, adequate room for cargo and comfortable seats. Booking Land Cruiser rental car is a perfect option for you to enjoy camping safari, guided safari or self-drive safari experience while on Uganda safari.

Safari Vans

Van rentals are a few amazing rides to get on a road trip while on Uganda safari. We have the best Safari Minivan with capacity of up to 8pax suitable for sightseeing trips in Uganda’s pristine parks and other destinations. It comes with a pop-up roof, MP3, CD player, air conditioner, adequate room for you and your cargo. For safari-goers with interest to explore Uganda on family tour, group vacation, camping, Safari Van rental are the best option.

Land Cruiser VX roof top tent

When it comes safari vehicle, we never run out choices for our holidaymakers. We have everyone sorted because it is our joy to see you get to your dream destination comfortably.

Book our Land Cruiser VX roof top tent rental car and have the best of Uganda safari experience. This is ideal for adventure seekers on camping safaris because our Land Cruiser VX roof top tent car rental comes with camping gear thus saving you from the stress of purchasing when you have limited time. We also amazing Two/Double roof top tent rental cars for you to hire.

Land Cruiser Prado

Land Cruiser Prado is one of the best rental deals you should consider a must to book on Uganda safari. We have the best of Japan’s Toyota Motors’ Land Cruiser Prados for hire in 4×4 mid-size with capacity of 6pax. Our Land Cruiser Prado rentals are equipped with air conditioners, FM radio, MP3/CD player and adequate space. They are suitable for safari-goers on Uganda safaris and they are interested in city tours, family safaris, game viewing, weddings, conferences. Besides, we also have a range of other Land Cruiser rental cars like Land Cruiser TX, V8, GX, and LX at visitor’s wallet size.

Super Custom

Uganda is best explored while behind the wheels of Toyota Super Custom rental. We have the best Super Custom for hire with capacity of 6 people and you enjoy features such as sun roof, CD/MP3 player, adjustable seats and air conditioners. This is suitable for air transfers, city tours, guided safaris in the national parks or if you are on business trip.

Nissan Patrol

The Nissan Patrol is amazing rental choice any safari goer should book. This comes in modern model with capacity of 4 people and it beats the rest due to its capability to tackle all types of terrains. Traveling in Nissan Patrol gets you out of worries and interestingly, it comes with adequate room. It is suitable for not only game viewing in savanna parks but also for self-drive tours, camping.

Toyota Land Cruiser Hard Top Extended

When it comes to game drives in Uganda’s savanna safari parks, not vehicle beats Toyota Land Cruiser Hard Top Extended. This is equipped with air conditioner, mini fridge and comes in full time 4×4.

Family rental cars

If your plan is to embark on family tour, your worry shouldn’t be on which car to use because we have you covered. We have the best family sized rental cars ranging from Ipsum to Super Customs accommodating from 5 to 7 people. They are available in manual and automatic transmission, equipped with amazing features like FM radio.

Bus/coaster rentals

We provide the best bus or coaster rentals to safari goers on small or large group tours while on Uganda safari. Our Coaster buses come in a capacity of 12 to 28pax. They are fitted with air conditioners, mini fridge and comfortable seats.


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